11 Foolproof Signs Your Cat Has Imprinted On You

1. Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

One of the best signs that a cat has imprinted on you is when it follows you around everywhere! No matter where you try to go, your cat will want to be near you.

2. Your Cat Rubs Against You

Cats love to show their love by rubbing against you. They may rub you with their whole body or just their heads (forehead, cheeks, or chins) rubbing against your legs.

3. Your Cat Slow Blinks

You may have noticed that sometimes your cat looks at you lovingly and then blinks really slowly. This is considered by some people to be a cat’s way of saying ‘I love you’ to you.

4. Your Cat Shows Its Belly

This means they are not worried about being attacked, and are comfortable enough to expose one of their most vulnerable body parts to you.

5. Your Cat Has A Question Mark Tail

A cat can also express feelings and moods through its tail. The position of a cat’s tail can mean different things.

6. Your Cat Gives You Love Bites

These small bites are often called love bites. The cat has no intention of hurting you but rather this action expresses their love and affection.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Imprints On You?