The Kinkalow cat is known for its highly active and playful demeanor, therefore it’s only to be expected that this rare and interesting cat breed has captured the attention of so many cat lovers.

However, despite their small size, Kinkalow cats have a powerful presence. Many people refer to the Kinkalow cat breed as the cutest breed among domestic cats. 

Origin Of The Kinkalow Cat 

The breed originated in the mid90s by mixing American Curl and Munchkin cats. The name ‘Kinkalow’ most likely refers to the kink in this cat’s ears.

Size & Appearance 

Kinkalow cats have a solid, muscular body, and a head that‘s shaped like a tiger’s. These small cats have a medium-length coat which can come in many colors and patterns.

Personality & Temperament 

The Kinkalow is an unusual cat breed with a lively personality. They have kind, playful, energetic, lively personalities.

Health & Lifespan 

Kinkalow cats have a rather long life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. They're generally a healthy cat breed, but because of their short legs, they are at risk of spinal injury.


Groom your Kinkalow regularly to clean off any dirt that’s left after the cat cleans itself, for a soft and beautiful coat. Plus, they’ll need your help with ear cleaning.


Your Kinkalow kitten will require a different type and quantity of food at each stage of its life. This is something your vet will instruct you on any time there’s a need for a change.

Average Price Of A Kinkalow Kitten 

Kinkalows typically cost roughly around $2,000 from a registered and reputable breeder.

More Fun Facts 

🐾 The Kinkalow cat breed is registered by TICA and TDCA. 🐾 Some don’t grow up to have curled ears. 🐾 When born, every Kinkalow has straight ears.

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