Cats have strong intuition and senses. Because of that, sometimes they are even able to sense things (good or bad) long before we can.

Cats are very gifted when it comes to reading people and their emotions. Although they don’t speak our language, they often understand what is going on.

They can pick up on negative energy in people and in their environment. Just like other animals, they seem to be able to tell when something bad might happen.

But, how to know whether your cat has sensed a bad energy? Usually, they’ll react in some of the following ways! 

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Aggressive Hissing

This is one of the ways your cat will show you that it’s unhappy or it senses something bad. It’s their defensive mode of dealing with unwanted energy.

Hiding Behavior

Another way that cats might react to something negative is by hiding. They will hide if they’re scared of something, perhaps a person or something from their environment.

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Ignoring Mode

If your cat senses a bad vibe in a person, it will probably try to get away from them and either hide or ignore them completely.

Crazy Behavior

Some cats might start running and jumping around the house, and will probably break anything in their way, when they sense a bad energy.

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Loud Meowing

When your cat is doing this loudly and a lot, it might want to warn you about bad people or maybe even bad luck.

Cats have an excellent ability to judge people and sense things that we can’t. So yes, they can sense bad energy! But, if you want to learn more about it, all you need to do is swipe up!