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Can Cats Sense Bad Energy? A Remarkable Fact About Your Pets

Can Cats Sense Bad Energy? A Remarkable Fact About Your Pets

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Cats are remarkable creatures. Not only are they cute furry pets, but they can also be incredibly empathic companions for their owners.

Our animals have strong intuition, and sometimes they are even able to sense things (good or bad) long before we can.

You have probably heard people tell stories of how their cat sensed that something was wrong with them, or how the cat appeared to know their owner was pregnant way before any signs started to show.

While some people still believe that this is just a myth, other cat lovers are sure that cats have special sensory powers.
Stay with us and find out if cats sense bad energy…

Can Cats Sense Bad Energy? Cat’s Sixth Sense

Cats are very observant animals. Even though sometimes they may be seen as mysterious and unpredictable, cats really do have an excellent sixth sense.

Cats are very gifted when it comes to reading people and their emotions. Although they don’t speak our language, they often understand what is going on.

Cats can pick up on negative energy in people and in their environment. This is why cats are excellent at judging people. Just like other animals, they seem to be able to tell when something bad might be going to happen or when someone has bad intentions.

How Cat Reacts To Bad Energy?

Depending on the situation, cats may react in different ways to bad energy.

Aggressive Hissing

Cats will typically start hissing if they don’t like someone and want that person to go away. It is also quite common for cats to start hissing if they feel negative energy in their environment.

This is their defensive mode of dealing with unwanted energy. They might start to hiss, scratch, and fight anyone or anything that seems threatening.

It may be confusing to you if your cat is hissing all of a sudden, but you should know that this is one of the ways your cat will show you that they are unhappy or sense something bad.

You’ll Never Find Me Here

Another way that cats might react to something negative is by hiding.

Your cat probably has a favorite hiding spot, and if you haven’t noticed it yet, then your little friend is fantastic at hiding.

Cats hide if they are scared of something, perhaps a person or something that is happening in their environment.

If your cat is constantly hiding, it may mean that they are desperately trying to avoid something that is giving them a sense of bad energy.

Don’t Bother Me!

Cats will try to form their own protective bubble around them if they sense some negative energy or something in their surroundings that they consider threatening.

This might mean that your cat ignores you or other pets.

If a cat senses a bad vibe in a person, it will immediately try to get away from them and either hide or ignore them completely.

Crazy Mode On

Some cats may even start acting a little crazy. They might start running around the house, jumping everywhere, and probably breaking anything in their way.

If this happens, don’t just think that your cat is acting crazy, and especially don’t punish it for this kind of behavior.

Your cat has probably sensed something that has upset it, and is therefore acting in an unpredictable way.

Listen To Me!

If your cat is constantly meowing loudly, it is trying to tell you something. Cats usually don’t meow that much except when they want to express something important.

If you think about it, meowing is their way of talking. When your cat is doing this loudly and a lot, it might want to warn you about bad people or maybe even bad luck.

Purrs are awesome

In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered to have healing powers and ancient Egyptians actually worshiped cats as defenders against evil spirits.

Purrs have healing properties and are scientifically proven to help people.

If you are suffering from something or have some health issue that even you are unaware of, your cat may already sense it and come purring to you. Perhaps this is their own way of absorbing this negative energy!

Can Cats Sense A Person’s Energy?

Cats are considered to be excellent at reading people. It is a well known fact that cats are incredibly good at judging a person’s character, so they would not be with someone who they have a bad feeling about. Perhaps this is why cats are considered to ward off bad luck.

Cats can detect even slight changes in people’s mood and often seem to know how they feel.

Cats communicate using their sense of smell and body language. It is said that people have a specific scent when they are scared or experiencing certain other feelings.

For us humans, this is impossible to identify, but cats can apparently detect it.

Negative energy in people can be manifested through various types of emotions:


Fear is one of the strongest human emotions, and one that is nearly impossible to hide. Living in fear brings out a negative energy that is very hard to control.

If you are experiencing fear, your cat will definitely sense it and be concerned for your well-being. Either it will try to stay away from you or it will try to console you by trying to cuddle, purr, or show you their love by staying close by.

Anxiety And Depression

Everyday life causes a lot of stress, which in some cases can even result in severe anxiety and depression. This is one of the most obvious signs of bad energy and negativity.

When you are suffering from anxiety and depression, your feline friend can sense changes in body language, your voice, or even in your hygiene habits.

Cats are very aware of changes in your daily routine. If you are too depressed to notice that you haven’t changed your cat’s litter box, they will be sure to notice it and show it to you.


People who are overly greedy and jealous usually have a bad vibe. A lot of people can detect this kind of negative energy, so it is not a surprise that cats can too.

These negative people are envious of everyone and think only about themselves, and cats may be able to sense this through facial expressions and body language.


People with anger issues will react negatively to even the smallest situations and accidental mishaps. Cats will be able to feel this kind of negativity right away.

When you and your family members argue, your cat will know about it. It doesn’t matter that they don’t understand what you are saying, they will try to get away from loud noises, angry body language, and bad energy.


Pessimistic people react negatively to everything around them. Negative energy takes over their life, and it is impossible not to feel it.

Since cats are attracted to positive energy and positive people, they will probably stay away from pessimistic people.

Bad vibe

Some people just sense a bad vibe from another person. You don’t have to know them well, but sometimes you just get a strong sense that someone is not good. Our feline friends also sense a bad vibe from some people.

When you see that your cat is reacting negatively to someone, you may remember all the folk tales and stories of how cats sense evil and feel that you should probably stay away from them.

Can Cats Sense When Something Bad Is Going To Happen?

Like many cat owners, you must have asked yourself, do cats really know when something bad is going to happen? The answer is YES!

Cats have an incredible sixth sense when it comes to hearing, smelling, and seeing. They are able to sense changes in air pressure, energy shifts, imminent death, and natural disasters.

Cats are known to be able to smell death. They are very intuitive about it. The thing is that they can smell changes in people’s odor and stimuli, which happens because of illness that leads to death.

Also, since cats are great observers of body language, they will detect early changes in a human’s body and temperature as well as any other weaknesses.

Because of their remarkable sense of hearing and smelling, cats may also be able to detect when a natural disaster is going to happen. Many animals have this in common.

It is quite common that, minutes before some natural disasters, animals are seen running away or acting crazy. This is because they know that something bad is going to happen.

Recently, we have experienced some pretty bad earthquakes. A couple of minutes before it actually happened, my friend’s cat started acting really crazy, jumping around and running all over the place.

She also started to meow really loudly, gaining everyone’s attention. Just before the earthquake started, the cat hid under the table.

This was a clear sign to the cat’s owners that something bad was about to happen. In situations like this, your furry friend could actually save your life.

Can Cats Sense Spiritual Energy?

Have you ever noticed your cat staring at a blank spot? If so, you might have been pretty weirded out by it. So now you might be wondering if this weird cat’s behavior is connected with spirits, and if your cat might be able to see things that humans can’t.

Cats are mystic creatures and in some cultures in the past they have been connected with spiritualism. For example, in Japan, cats are seen as bearers of good luck and spiritual guardians in real life.

Some cultures, however, associate black cats with bad spirits and bad luck.

It appears that cats can indeed sense spiritual energy. Moreover, Siamese cats, besides being able to sense depressive episodes, are also known as protectors against unwanted spirits.

Cats’ staring at an empty space is traditionally considered as one of the ways your cats protect you from danger or evil eyes.

In conclusion…

So, can cats sense bad energy?

Yes they can!

Cats have an excellent ability to judge the character of people and sense their negative energy. No wonder cats are known to have great intuition.

Their sixth sense is what makes them unique and this should be trusted always. If your furry friend doesn’t like someone, there will be a good reason behind it.

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