My Cat Wont Leave Me Alone – 10 Causes And 10 Solutions

10 Reasons Why Is My Cat Clingy

1. Life Changes - Any changes, whether it is a new bowl or litter box, a new home, any new environment, or the introduction of a new family member, can lead to clinginess.


A hungry cat is a clingy cat. I have a first hand example; my cat glues himself to me when it’s time to eat.


3. Playfulness

If your cat is not clingy all the time, but has sudden changes in its behavior and becomes weirdly attention-seeking, maybe it’s just playtime.

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Anxiety is highly present in cats, and especially in rescue cats.

4. Anxiety

Needy Cats

If your cat is needy, this is not good. It means that your cat is insecure and cannot protect itself. This cat relies completely on its owner.


6. Trauma

Your cat, especially if you adopt one, can be clingy from the moment you take them home. The cause for this is usually some trauma from the past.

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Cats learn pretty quickly, and if you give in to their every demand then they get used to it.

7. Spoiled Cat

 Health Issues

If your cat is all of a sudden clingy, there might be some medical issues that need to be dealt with.


9. Boredom

It’s as simple as it sounds. Your cat can get bored without you, and therefore be very clingy when you are around.

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This can be a cause of clingy behavior but also a solution for it. It all depends on the cat, because no two cats are the same.

10. Jealousy

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