Ok, so here are three cute reasons for this behavior:

1. Your Cat's Curious 2. Your Cat Wants Attention 3. Your Cat Thinks You're Their Mom

We all know cats are curious and that they're attention seekers, quite often. But you might be wondering how exactly does my cat think I'm its mother?


Well, it's not literally like that. Your cat knows you're not its real mom, but it needs a caregiver and that is you. Their former caregiver was a cat, and now that's you.

Another reason why your cat might follow you around, that doesn't include cuddling, is... Food, of course.


This is to be expected, right? Regular cat food is just not enough – cats want treats and bits of your food too! Your cat might follow you in the hope of getting a bite of whatever you're munching on.

Your cat might also be clingy... How to know if your cat is clingy?  Well…


You'll know your cat is too clingy if:  #1 You can't get things done #2 You can't even walk normally #3 Your cat is getting destructive #4 Your cat is always meowing while following you

My cat used to do all four of these, but with simple training and the following four tricks I made the clinginess go away!


You'll stop your cat from following you by: • giving toy • providing attention • consulting the vet • ignoring the cat when it's not mealtime

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