Spraying Cat With Water? Is It Good Or Bad?

Spraying with water may be helpful, but not in the long-term, because you need to be constant with this, and who knows what your cat is doing when you’re not home?

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Why You Should Never Spray Your Cat With Water!


1. Your Cat May Become Stressed

The biggest problem with spraying may be that your cat cannot connect the behavior with the punishment.

If you spritz your cat a few moments after the undesirable behavior, she won’t understand exactly why you punished her.

2. It Won’t Fix The Undesirable Behavior

3. Your Cat May Distance From You

If your cat fails to connect the punishment with the unwanted behavior, she may perceive you as the cause of the punishment and start being afraid of you.

4. It Makes Them Uncomfortable

Cats have sensitive senses, especially their whiskers (which are usually first to be affected by a spritz or two of water).

Eventually she may stop liking water at all, refusing the bath or getting anxious around water because she’ll see it as something scary.

They May Start Avoiding Water


6. The Punishment Won’t Always Occur

It’s better to try another method that will have a positive outcome so your cat can understand what she can do and what she cannot.

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