What Do Cats Think About? Let’s Solve The Mystery!

Anne morgan

If you have wondered if cats actually think, the answer is yes. Cats think circumstantially as they cannot contemplate things the way we do.

Here are some thoughts that cats may have and how they express them:


Where’s my toy – cats tend to look for their toys, unlike dogs, who may think that their toy is gone if they can’t see it. Cats know that their toy is somewhere near and they try to find it, which means that they understand object permanence.

I want to cuddle with you - if your cat won’t leave you alone, and starts rubbing against you, it wants your love and attention.

I’m in charge – cats can be such queens and they usually consider themselves as the ones in charge.

I’m scared – Even though cats act like bosses sometimes, they can still get scared, and that’s when they look to you for protection.

If you’re a first-time cat owner, you may have difficulties reading your cat’s mind and understanding its body language. After some time, it will get easier for sure.

If your pet cat brings you its prey, it means that she’s providing you with food, thanking you for everything you’re doing. If your cat gives you a slow blink, it means that she trusts you and cares for you.

If your feline hisses at you, that can mean that she’s either angry and wants to be alone, or she hisses and attacks you because she’s afraid and uses it as a defense mechanism.

According to certain research, a cat’s brain is very similar to a human’s. That means that cats are smart enough to have their own thoughts and to think about certain things.

By identifying your cat’s body language patterns, you will be more able to understand your cat’s mind, and know what your cat wants and needs.