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What Do Cats Think About? Let’s Solve The Mystery!

What Do Cats Think About? Let’s Solve The Mystery!

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There are so many questions about cats that people want to find the answers to because they’re trying to understand their reactions and behaviors. Have you ever wondered what do cats think about or if they even think about anything?

If you are curious about what your cat is thinking, then make yourself comfortable as I’m about to answer all your questions.

Many cat lovers want to know what cats think about so they can be sure they are fulfilling their needs. Perhaps it would also end the great debate over who cares more about their owners, dogs or cats?

Read on to learn more about your cat’s body language and other behaviors and let’s solve this mystery together!

What Do Cats Think About? Possible Thoughts

Siamese cat walking in garden

If you have wondered if cats actually think, the answer is yes. Cats think circumstantially as they cannot contemplate things the way we do.

For example, if they’re resting, they don’t have to think about anything but if you provide them with food or a toy, they will focus their working memory to think about that.

There is a lot of research about cat’s thoughts and their way of thinking so that cat owners can better understand how a cat’s mind functions. With this knowledge, the bond between the owners and the pet can grow stronger.

It’s important to mention that because cats cannot speak like humans do, they express their feelings and their thoughts through their body language and behavior.

That being said, here are some thoughts that cats may have and how they express them.

• I want to cuddle with you – although sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, cats usually want to interact with humans. It’s one of the activities they enjoy most. So, if your cat won’t leave you alone, and starts rubbing against you, it wants your love and attention. This also marks you, leaving behind pheromones to easily distinguish you from everyone else and let other cats know you are theirs.

• I’m in charge – cats can be such queens and they usually consider themselves as the ones in charge. That may be the main reason why many people think that cats don’t care about their owners. Well, the real truth is that they adore their owners and enjoy their company, but they consider themselves in charge of everything so, unlike dogs, they’ll do something only if they feel like doing it!

• I’m scared – Even though cats act like bosses sometimes, they can still get scared, and that’s when they look to you for protection. Your voice, and just sensing your presence can help your cat calm down and feel safe and protected.

Where’s my toy – cats tend to look for their toys, unlike dogs, who may think that their toy is gone if they can’t see it. Cats know that their toy is somewhere near and they try to find it, which means that they understand object permanence.

These are only some of the many things your car might be thinking. If you’re a first-time cat owner, you may have difficulties reading your cat’s mind and understanding its body language. After some time, it will get easier for sure.

The only way it can get easier is to read and learn more about cats. Lateron in the article, we will look at how a cat’s mind functions and get insight into what cats think and what they’re trying to tell you.

So, read on and find out how to communicate with your feline friend.

How Does A Cat’s Mind Function?

Maine Coon sitting on grass

Cats are not like dogs but they care about their humans, just in a different way. This may be because cats haven’t quite figured out how humans interact.

There is a huge difference in how dogs and cats perceive us humans, and we know this thanks to John Bradshaw, a cat expert and behaviorist from the University of Bristol, and the author of the book Cat Senses.

Bradshaw presented his research and gave an interview to National Geographic where he claims that it has been shown that dogs behave differently with humans than they do with other dogs, the way they play, cuddle, everything. That is because they think of us as a different species from them, which is correct.

However, cats will either ignore you or cuddle you, but their way of cuddling is crucial here.

When in a good mood, cats usually put their tail up, and start rubbing against everything, including us. They start to cuddle – grooming, kneading, and headbutting us. That’s exactly how cats behave to other cats.

That leads some researchers to the conclusion that domestic cats don’t perceive us as different species like dogs do, but they consider us as equal to them, and behave towards us as though we’re just big cats.

Cats just don’t react the way dogs do, but cat cognition studies show that cats react positively when hearing their owner’s voice. They may also suffer from separation anxiety and come looking for protection from their owners when scared.

How To Know What Do Cats Think About?

grey cat standing in front of grey background

In order to know what cats think about, or what your cat thinks about you, you need to spend more time with cats as well and learn more about the ways cats communicate so you can understand them.

Cats are very different from dogs, and they behave towards humans the same way as they do towards other cats. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about us!

The best way to know what cats think about is to try to understand and learn more about cat’s behavior and body language. As they cannot talk, they express their feelings and thoughts differently.

For example, if your pet cat brings you its prey, it means that she’s providing you with food, thanking you for everything you’re doing. If your cat gives you a slow blink, it means that she trusts you and cares for you.

To help you learn more, read on to find out more about your cat’s behavior and body language!

Cat Behavior And Body Language

If you want to better understand a cat’s mind and find out what is going on inside your cat’s head, here’s what you need to pay attention to the most!


You can often find out your feline’s feelings and thoughts through the sounds she makes. Gentle meows and purrs mean that the cat is happy and enjoying spending time with you.

However, if you hear a loud meow, similar to a baby’s cry, it may be a warning sign to another cat before they start a fight. This usually only happens towards other cats.

If your feline hisses at you, that can mean that she’s either angry and wants to be alone, or she hisses and attacks you because she’s afraid and uses it as a defense mechanism.

Body Language

Besides their different vocalizations, a cat’s body language can tell us a lot about the cat’s thoughts. For example, rubbing against you usually means that the cat missed you and wants your attention. Read on to learn more about your cat’s body language and what it means.

A Happy Cat

• Raised tail, may be curved forwards

• Loose body

• Whisker and ears are in neutral position

An Excited Cat

• Dilated pupils

• Relaxed body

• Raised tail that may quiver at the tip

• Ears and whiskers are forward

A Mad Or Scared Cat

• Cat’s eyes are wide open and pupils are dilated

Tail is puffed and put down

• The body is arched with fur standing up

• Flattened ears and whiskers

An Affectionate Cat

• Rolling on the ground or kneading

• Headbutting against you or other object and purring

• Tail is raised or curved

• Blinking slowly

Are Cats Intelligent Animals?

grey cat posing for camera

Most people think that dogs are smarter than cats, however that’s not completely true. Cats are highly intelligent animals, and the main difference between them and dogs is that dogs are way more involved with their owners, while cats are more independent, and don’t usually require as much attention as dogs do.

Cats are intelligent; that can be seen in their reactions, their planning ability, and in the way they make decisions. They’re able to learn tricks and solve puzzles.

The main reason why people think that cats aren’t as smart is because they aren’t always interested in playtime or interaction every time you want; instead they choose to interact when they want.

Actually that shows us how smart they are because they do what they want and not what we want them to do!

Can Cats Get Bored?

Whether a cat will get bored or not depends mostly on the temperament of the particular cat breed. Every cat breed is different, which means some of them are more active and some are calm. Furthermore, some cats require more physical activity and attention, while some adore sleeping all the time.

However, usually cat breeds with higher levels of activity get bored if they are not provided with enough entertainment, attention, and interaction, especially indoor cats.

If you own an indoor cat with a higher activity level, you should provide the cat with playtime at least once a day. When you’re not there, your cat should have toys to keep her both mentally and physically active.

Problems occur when cats get bored. If a cat doesn’t have anything to do, it may cost you a lot, because they can make a huge mess or cause a lot of damage trying to have fun. Be careful because that also increases the risk of your cat sustaining an injury.

If you notice some of the following behaviors, it means that your feline friend might be bored and needs stimulation or your attention.

• Sleeping most of the time

• Unwanted behavior

• Inappropriate use of the litter box

• Depression and anxiety

• Loss of appetite, or eating more than normally

• Over-grooming


cat sitting on floor and Meowing

Do Cats Actually Think?

According to certain research, a cat’s brain is very similar to a human’s. That means that cats are smart enough to have their own thoughts and to think about certain things.

Cat’s express their thoughts and feelings through their body language, which means that you should learn how to read a cat’s body language so you know what the cat wants or how it feels.

What Do Cats Think When We Talk To Them?

What cats think when we talk to them depends on the way we talk. According to research, cats like when their owners speak to them, especially in a calm, soft, and comforting way. They’re able to recognize their owner’s voice and they’re happy when they hear it.

However, if you’re mad about something your cat has done, and you yell at your cat or speak sharply, cats are able to recognize the difference in your emotions from your tone, and are more likely to hide or run away.

What Do Cats Think When They See Humans?

When it comes to bonding with their owners, cats are actually able to form a very strong bond with their owner and can be extremely loyal pets.

When your cat sees its owner, the cat is usually happy, as it feels safe and calm now that it senses your presence.

In Conclusion

Cat Meowing while outside

This is the article for every cat person who has ever wondered what do cats think about. First of all, it’s true that cats are able to think. They have a brain which is very similar to ours, therefore they’re able to think.

Of course, their cognitive skills aren’t as developed as humans’ and they cannot talk, however, they’re able to think about certain things and express their feelings and thoughts through their behavior and body language.

So, if you’re willing to understand your cat’s thinking, you need to learn a lot about cats, including how to read their body language.

Cats are highly intelligent animals and if they’re not stimulated enough they can get bored, which may lead to various problems such as mess, damage to your home, or even injuries.

By identifying your cat’s body language patterns, you will be more able to understand your cat’s mind, and know what your cat wants and needs.

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