During the start of a heat cycle, female cats will often send out signals to inform nearby male cats that she is open for business.

Male cats during that time will become more aggressive than usual as they compete for mating rights. Female cats attack male cats after mating because the act of pulling out the genitals hurts them. 

After mating the female cat’s eyes dilate, and she will scream loudly, and proceed to lash out at the tomcat. 

But Why Does It Hurt The Female Cat? Well, because a male cat's penis has barbs.

A spined genital has an important part in the copulation of cats. Scientists claim that the main purpose of barbs is to get the ovulation process started more quickly. 

Scientists have also discovered that a single litter of kittens can be the product of different fathers. The barbs on the male cat’s penis are instrumental in starting the ovulation process.

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