Iram Sharma

Why Is My Cat Leaving Blood Drops Behind?

You might have noticed the blood in your cat’s stool or urine. There are several underlying illnesses that may be associated with these different reasons for bleeding.

Fresh red blood will be bright red in color, and there may be streaks on the exterior of the cat’s poop or drops of blood coming out from the anus.

There are many different reasons why a cat may leave blood drops behind.

Blood From A Cat’s Anus

When anal bleeding occurs, it generally indicates a significant condition, and you should take your cat to the veterinarian urgently.

Blood In Cat’s Urine

Urine in the blood, albeit uncommon, may suggest the existence of bladder cancer in cats. If you notice traces of blood in your cat’s pee, you should call your vet immediately.

These injuries are usually a consequence of cat fights. Fleas and/or parasite infestations can also cause bleeding inside the cat’s ears.

Blood From A  Cat’s Ears

Cats are curious creatures who like wandering around and exploring. Cat fights and accidents can cause wounds and therefore bleeding.

Blood From Wounds

Nose Bleed

If the bleeding doesn’t stop after about twenty minutes, or if it is continuous, it may indicate that your cat is suffering from a more serious ailment.

Sometimes the reason why is your cat leaving blood drops around will be benign, but sometimes it can be a direct link to an underlying disease that can be quite harmful to your cat’s health.