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Why Is My Cat Purring Loudly? TOP 10 Reasons

1. Happiness = Cat Purring Loudly

The happier the cat is, the louder it will purr (*Barney Stinson saying ‘true story’ lol).

2. Cats Purr When Hungry

I’ve noticed this in my own cat; when it’s mealtime and we are approaching the cat’s food bowl, I feel like the whole house echoes with his purrs.

3. Do Cats Purrs Change Volume?

As it grows up, your cat’s vocal cords develop so they are able to be louder when meowing and purring.

4. A Cat Purrs To Communicate Its Needs

Cats mix their meowing and purring, all in order to get your attention.

5. A Chilled Cat Purrs Loudly

Relaxed cats purr loudly. The best known reason for a cat purring is relaxation and contentment.

6. Cat Purrs are Signs Of Healing

By purring, cats release endorphins which are proven to have a pain killing impact on your cat. It is stress-relieving and relaxing for them.

7. Your Cat’s Purrs Calm You

The sound of purring has a soothing and calming effect on us.

8. Loud Purring While Sleeping

Sleepy purrs are the best, especially when you’re snuggled up next to your cat in bed.

9. Cat Purrs Loudly For Mommy

Cats start purring while they’re still kittens. They purr to communicate with their mothers.

10. That Loud Purr May Be Your Cat’s Normal Purr

Is your cat purring loudly all the time? Then this may be their normal volume.

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