The Best Reasons For Why Is My Cat Sleeping Under Blanket

Cats sleep under the blanket or on top of the blanket for many reasons. Cats are generally interested in what their owners do, and they mimic people a lot, more than you might think.

8 Most Common Reasons For A Cat Sleeping Under Blanket


Cats, in general, are always interested in whatever their owners do.

1. It’s Just Typical Cat Behavior

Your cat might be snuggling under the covers because it is cozy and warm, especially if you’re there too.

2. It’s Warm Under The Blanket

3. Your Cat Feels Safe

Your cat will feel completely relaxed since they are much less stressed under the blankets! Sleeping in this hidden spot is also very calming.

Cats will sleep in any spot that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter how weird or funny it looks to people.

4. Cats Like To Hide

A lot of cats play with the bedding, perhaps when you’re making the bed, your cat burrows under the blanket and claws at your bed sheets.

5. Your Cat Wants Its Playtime

6. Cat = Attention Seeker

Similar to playtime, cats will lay under the blanket to seek attention from their humans.

Another reason for your cat to be sleeping under the blankets might be the cat’s way of expressing its need for privacy.

7. Cats Need Their Alone Time

Your cat might be ill if it doesn’t usually go to sleep under the blanket, and then suddenly it starts to do it.

8. Your Cat Might Be Ill

The only downside to all of this is that your cat’s paws might bring in some dust from the litter box, so you might want to watch out for that.