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Why Is My Cat Sleeping Under Blanket? Possible Reasons

Why Is My Cat Sleeping Under Blanket? Possible Reasons

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Cats love to imitate their owners, and cat owners love to watch their cats do funny stuff. However, if your cat starts sleeping under a blanket when they’ve never done it before, or your cat’s sleeping under the blanket more and more, it’s normal that you might get worried.

Cat sleeping under blankets can be caused by many different things. Perhaps your cat loves to sleep there because it smells like you, maybe your cat wants to hide and play, or it wants some privacy or even some cuddle time with you.

There may be many different reasons, and every cat is different. It is up to you to determine which one of the following reasons explains your cat’s behavior.

Continue reading to find out the potential reasons behind your cat sleeping under a blanket.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Blanket? Is It Safe?

Cute kitten sleeps under blanket on a bed at home

Cats are generally interested in what their owners do, and they mimic people a lot, more than you might think. Cats will lay, nap, or sleep under the blanket for many different reasons, be it the need for attention or even the need for some privacy.

Whatever the reason for your cat to sleep under the blanket might be, it is safe. You only need to watch out not to crush your little kitty by laying on it. Try not to scare the cat either while it’s sleeping under the blanket because this can be traumatic for them.

How About Kittens?

Adult cats can safely sleep and breathe under a blanket; most blankets and covers are breathable, so fresh air can get in, and your cat can easily exit or go back under the blanket at any time.

Small kittens, on the other hand, shouldn’t sleep under the blankets because they don’t have strong immune systems; their survival instincts aren’t as strong as those of adult cats. Kittens are at risk of suffocating if left alone under the blanket, so it’s best to avoid that. You can keep the bedroom doors closed when you’re not around, so you’re not worried your kitten will get stuck under the blanket.

8 Most Common Reasons For A Cat Sleeping Under Blanket

So, why is your cat sleeping under blanket?

There are many different reasons cats sleep underneath the blanket, the most common reasons are explained below. If it bothers you when your cat(s) go under the blanket and/or fall asleep there, you can encourage them to sleep in their own beds. Try out different cat beds; some warm place that’ll be just theirs. Cat trees are great for many things, including tempting your cat out of your bed!

Consider different types of cat trees, you can even find brands that have a hiding place, an enclosed space where your cat can hide and nap in its own privacy. It’s important to have a soft, cozy spot that will be toasty and comfy and where only cats can go, so if you forbid your cat from snoozing in your bed, your cat has their own place, so you’re even, lol.

1. It’s Just Typical Cat Behavior

 Ginger kitten on couch under knitted blanket

Cats, in general, are always interested in whatever their owners do. It doesn’t matter if we’re doing something fun or boring, our cats will be interested; it’s just typical cat behavior. The same goes for cat sleeping under blanket. Cats are curious creatures so when you go to sleep and cover yourself with the blanket, our funny little furry friends will be determined to try it out as well.

Cats are also known as highly territorial creatures and are great at climbing and hiding. There are many cats that prefer to chill somewhere high up, but others that like to nap hidden low down, and these cats are classified into three categories, according to cat behaviorists. These cats are called dwellers, and there are three different dwelling styles.

Tree dwellers are cats that, as their name says, like to climb high in the trees (either natural or cat trees) and lay or sit there overlooking the world beneath them.

Beach dwellers are cats that like to be on the lower platforms, and they don’t mind some company down there. Then there are bush dwellers, which are cats that like to hide away somewhere to chill and nap or lurk around. This includes the cat sleeping under a blanket or hidden behind the couch preying on your feet!

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2. It’s Warm Under The Blanket

It might be the case that the warmth of the bed and under the covers is what interests your cat the most. Your cat might be snuggling under the covers because it is cozy and warm, especially if you’re there too. Most cats are ok snuggling up in a loaf position to preserve their body temperature, but they also like to take warmth from their environment.

Especially in cold weather, cats like to retain their body heat and stay warm, and this makes them want to cuddle even more. We all know that cats can be a bit weird, and therefore, their sleeping or napping spots are sometimes weird to us as well.

3. Your Cat Feels Safe

Maine Coon kitten sleep under blanket

Most cats feel safer when they hide away somewhere, and in many cases, the perfect place to nap safely is right under the blanket. Your cat might feel safer under the blanket than anywhere else because it’s their own little private spot that protects them from any incoming danger. Your cat will purr and sleep deeply, and you’ll know it’s relaxed and happy.

Your cat will feel completely relaxed since they are much less stressed under the blankets! Sleeping in this hidden spot is also very calming.

When some cats are frightened, anxious, or afraid, they will prefer hiding beneath the blankets. All cats are different, but even the calmest cats will experience anxiety when faced with large changes in their daily routine. In such instances, your cat may want to spend more time sleeping under the blanket than normal.

4. Cats Like To Hide

Cats are known as curious explorers. They will climb, scooch, and pass through anything their whiskers let them. Cats make us chuckle with their weird choices of nap spots, from Amazon cardboard boxes to sleeping under blankets or perching up high on their cat trees. Cats will sleep in any spot that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter how weird or funny it looks to people.

5. Your Cat Wants Its Playtime

Cute ginger cat lying in bed under a blanket

Playtime is an important part of a cat’s everyday routine. You know your cat best, and if your cat’s a playful little rascal in general, this might be the case with the blankets as well.

A lot of cats play with the bedding, perhaps when you’re making the bed, your cat burrows under the blanket and claws at your bed sheets.

It’s happened to all cat owners, at least once! You could be pulling and trying to make the bed, and your cat will be rolling around and jumping all over the bed. This is simply another one of your cat’s ways to show interest in playtime with you.

6. Cat = Attention Seeker

Similar to playtime, cats will lay under the blanket to seek attention from their humans. This is most probably the case if your cat comes to sleep under the blanket when you’re in bed as well. Everything in it smells like you, and your cat might like that. Your cat also associates bedtime with its owners, and it might therefore spend more time there too.

This is not only attention seeking, but it’s also an additional way to build a bond between you and your beloved cat.

7. Cats Need Their Alone Time

Red cat sleeps under a gray knitted plaid

Another reason for your cat to be sleeping under the blankets might be the cat’s way of expressing its need for privacy. Cats also need their alone time, so if your cat goes under the blanket to nap without you, then it most probably wants a quiet, dark spot to doze off.

8. Your Cat Might Be Ill

Your cat might be ill if it doesn’t usually go to sleep under the blanket, and then suddenly it starts to do it. Perhaps you have a mostly outdoor cat, but then it started climbing into bed and sleeping under the blanket. It’s understandable you’re weirded out and worried. Cats are great at concealing pain and sickness, and it is sometimes quite hard to determine whether something is off with our cats’ health.

If your cat starts coming to bed and sleeping under the blanket, and it hasn’t been doing it before, you should pay close attention to its behavior. If you notice anything else that might seem different (e.g. lethargy, loss of appetite), get some veterinary advice. It’s always best to be safe, and an additional trip to the vet won’t hurt anyone.

Final Thoughts

Cats like imitating their owners, and cat owners enjoy seeing their cats do amusing things. However, if your cat starts sleeping under the blanket when they’ve never done it before, or suddenly your cat is sleeping under the blanket more and more, it’s natural to be concerned.

Adult cats can safely sleep and breathe under the blanket however, young kittens are at risk of suffocating, so it’s best to avoid sleeping under any cover until your kitten grows up.

A cat sleeping under a blanket can be triggered by a variety of factors, including your cat’s desire to sleep there, the fact that it smells like you, the need to hide and play, the desire for a quiet spot, or even the desire for snuggle time with you. Many various causes exist, and because each cat is unique, only you can establish which of the potential reasons applies to your cat.

The only downside to all of this is that your cat’s paws might bring in some dust from the litter box, so you might want to watch out for that. I believe that it’s a price most cat owners are willing to pay for getting to cuddle with your furry friend and listen to those calming, purring sounds!

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