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Will My Cats Spirit Visit Me? 19 Signs To Look For

BY: Anne Morgan

I am sure your kitty’s passing will not be easy on you, and it is natural that you might wish for some signs that your beloved pet is still somewhere near you.

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After your cat has passed away, their spirit can make its presence known the next morning, or late the next day, but sometimes it can take as long as 6 months.

Your beloved cat’s spirit presence can be observed by many of your senses, such as:

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- seeing

- smelling

- sensing

- hearing

- dreaming

Signs Your Cat’s Spirit Is With You


1. Recognizing Your Cat’s Smell

Your kitty’s smell can bring back many joyful memories that you and your cat shared, so please smile when you recognize your cat’s smell all of a sudden!

Dreaming about your dear cat is a common way in which your cat’s spirit works to remind you that your cat still loves you and has not forgotten about you one bit!

2. Having Your Cat Appear In Your Dreams

If you do hear something resembling your kitty meowing or purring, it is not by an accident! It’s your cat’s spirit!

3. Hearing Your Cat’s Meows And Purrs

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4. Feeling Your Cat’s Presence In The Room

If you suddenly feel an energy change in the room, preferably when you’re alone, it might be a sign of your cat’s spirit being there with you.

There are many other possible instances of happy memories popping in your mind at random times, such as while driving, showering, or watching TV!

5. Remembering A Happy Memory All Of A Sudden

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What Should You Do When Your Cat’s Spirit Visits You?