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Will My Cats Spirit Visit Me? 19 Signs To Look For

Will My Cats Spirit Visit Me? 19 Signs To Look For

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Every pet owner knows how much joy our furry friends bring us on a daily basis. They each become an important family member and the household just isn’t the same without them.

However, one thing is inevitable – they will pass away, and most likely during our lifetime.

I am sure your kitty’s passing will not be easy on you, and it is natural that you might wish for some signs that your beloved pet is still somewhere near you.

If you’re wondering Will my cats spirit visit me? for many people, the answer is yes, they will feel their kitty’s spirit make its presence known with various signs – you just need to notice them!

There are many different ways that a cat’s spirit may show you it is present, such as hearing your kitty’s faint meow , seeing your kitty out of the corner of your eye, gently feeling your cat’s paws on you, or seeing your pet’s birthday numbers appear everywhere.

Continue reading to learn about the many ways your kitty may make sure you’re not alone and that they haven’t forgotten about you!

Will My Cats Spirit Visit Me?

a woman sleeps with a cat in bed

Many pet’s spirits visit their pet owners after their passing. Of course, they don’t have to visit the owner exclusively – a pet’s spirit may visit all of their loved ones !

After your cat has passed away, their spirit can make its presence known the next morning, or late the next day, but sometimes it can take as long as 6 months.

You never know when your cat’s spirit will start visiting you, so it’s best not to ‘expect’ it and simply let it happen whenever.

Knowing your kitty hasn’t left you forever can be a helpful part of the healing process . You just need to be open to seeing the signs!

So, what are the possible signs your cat’s trying to communicate with you?

7 Forms Of Your Cat’s Spirit Visiting You

Your beloved cat’s spirit presence can be observed by many of your senses, such as:

🐾 seeing

🐾 smelling

🐾 sensing

🐾 hearing

🐾 dreaming

🐾 in the form of other pets

🐾 in the form of sudden thoughts

Now let’s get to explaining each of these forms of your cat’s spirit !

19 Signs Your Cat’s Spirit Is With You

Below are some of the most common ways that your cat’s spirit will show its presence. These are definitely not the only signs – keep an open mind to other ways as well!

1. Recognizing Your Cat’s Smell

pensive woman lying on the couch

Imagine you’re lying down on your couch and suddenly, you smell a familiar scent – your kitty’s scent! Even though your kitty is no longer with you, this may be their way of reminding you they’re there.

Your kitty’s smell can bring back many joyful memories that you and your cat shared, so please smile when you recognize your cat’s smell all of a sudden!

This is one of the more common ways your cat’s spirit will show its presence.

2. Having Your Cat Appear In Your Dreams

If you wake up and remember a dream in which your cat appeared, or the dream was specifically about your cat, this may be a sign your cat has only left you physically, not spiritually.

Dreaming about your dear cat is a common way in which your cat’s spirit works to remind you that your cat still loves you and has not forgotten about you one bit!

3. Feeling A Slight Brush Against Your Leg

I’m sure you have felt your cat brushing against your leg many times during their life. It’s a common sign your cat has imprinted on you. It’s a cat’s way of saying: “Hey, this is mine!” to other pets. Apart from marking you as their territory, it is also a sign your cat loves you.

This simple yet adorable thing your cat did was a gentle display of affection and I’m sure you have many happy memories.

If your kitty has passed, and you still sometimes feel a slight brush against your leg – it may be your cat’s spirit visiting you!

So don’t be scared, it’s not something else that has brushed your leg, it’s just a sign of your cat’s presence.

4. Feeling Your Cat’s Presence Right Next To You

Did you like cuddling with your cat? Did you two have your own “spot” on the sofa and a certain time for cuddles, for example after work?

If you feel your cat’s presence next to you, for example after work, on the sofa while you’re laying down – it could be your cat letting you know they’re there.

You might also feel, for example, a slight pressure on your thighs, almost as if your kitty is cuddling right there with you. Or feel an intent on your blanket, almost as if your kitty has jumped on the sofa right there with you.

5. Hearing Your Cat’s Meows And Purrs

Do you sometimes hear your cat’s meows or purrs very quietly, as if it’s coming from a distance?

If you do hear something resembling your kitty meowing or purring, it is not by an accident! It’s your cat’s spirit!

I am sure you’ll be happy, or perhaps a bit sad, when you hear it, but try to take it as a sign your cat’s doing well in the afterlife and has not forgotten about you.

6. Hearing Your Cat’s Collar Jingling

Did your cat have a collar perhaps? And that collar maybe had some bells on it? You probably would have heard your cat whenever they entered the room.

It’s a sign very specifically related to your cat and hearing it might bring a smile to your face.

So if you do hear a jingle, it’s simply your cat’s spirit visiting you and making it’s presence known!

7. Feeling Your Cat’s Presence In The Room

a woman with a cat is sitting in the room by the window

This sign of your cat’s spirit being present is hard to explain.

If you suddenly feel an energy change in the room, preferably when you’re alone, it might be a sign of your cat’s spirit being there with you.

For example, you’re reading a book in the living room , and suddenly you feel something unusual, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

It can only be described as an energy change, but it may be a sign of your cat’s spirit right there with you.

Or perhaps you’re in the bedroom and suddenly the bedroom door opens slightly, just how your cat used to do while entering your room to cuddle with you.

The door opening might be your kitty reminding you they’re still there with you, even if not physically.

8. Remembering A Happy Memory All Of A Sudden

Let’s say you’re busy cooking and all of a sudden, a happy memory of your cat pops into your mind. Maybe it’s not random – it may be a sign your cat’s spirit is there with you.

Even though your dear pet has passed, this does not have to mean they’ve left you forever.

There are many other possible instances of happy memories popping in your mind at random times, such as while driving, showering, or watching TV!

9. Frequently Noticing Numbers That Have Meaning To You

If you frequently check the time and see the same time, this can be a clue.

Think about whether the time on the clock symbolizes something, such as the passing of your pet or an important moment you used to share. Is this the time you generally used to give your pet food or play with them?

10. You Feel Their Whiskers On Your Cheek

Most cats like being very close to their owners and cuddling with them daily! If that’s the case, you must have felt your kitty’s whiskers on your cheek a million times by now.

If you continue feeling your cat’s whiskers on your cheek occasionally – even very briefly – it may be a way of your kitty saying Hello to you and reminding you of them.

I’m sure that sign will bring back only the happiest of memories!

11. A New Pet Enters Your Life Unexpectedly

This is an extremely common way for all types of pets that want to visit their owners.

It’s no coincidence that a new cat has started coming to your backyard every night and maybe asking for food every morning at your doorstep.

So take good care of that cat if you can, as they’ll be a constant reminder of your beloved pet.

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12. “Seeing” Your Cat For A Brief Moment

Thinking we’ve seen a loved one that has passed is common when we are grieving. It may be a familiar face in the crowd or just their shadow appearing through a doorway.

The same goes for pets – “seeing” your cat for a second or two is a distinct possibility for all pet owners.

In a fleeting glimpse, you might think you’ve seen your kitty, or their shadow. However, it’s not actually your kitty, but it could be your kitty’s spirit reminding you of them.

Be joyful when this happens; your pet would not want you to get sad when remembering them!

13. Hearing Or Seeing Your Kitty’s Name More Often

When your pet passes away, pet owners commonly report that they tend to start seeing or hearing the pets name more than usual.

This is even more unusual if your cat had a strange or unique name so you know there isn’t a high chance of you hearing it randomly.

If you start hearing your kitty’s name or seeing it written down somewhere, it’s not a coincidence!

14. Sensing A Sudden Change In Temperature

a woman lies with a cat and reads a book

When a cat snuggles with you, the place where they’ve been sitting becomes cozy and warm, right?

Let’s say you’re laying on the couch, in the place where you would usually cuddle with your cat. If a small part of the couch becomes a bit warm, this could be a sign that your cat’s spirit is present there with you.

The warmer spot on your couch where your cat would’ve been lying should remind you of happy times when you two were snuggling!

15. You Can Hear Your Door Being Scratched

Some cats really like scratching the door for some reason. It may be that the cat is a bit clingy; if they’re not allowed in the room, they scratch the door as a way of saying “Let me in, please!”

If your cat was one of those cats, hearing a door being scratched can remind you of them . So don’t be surprised if you hear a faint sound as if your cat’s paws are scratching your door.

16. Seeing A White Feather

One of the numerous signs of mourning is a white feather that is found on the ground without any reason.

A white feather could be a representation of your cat’s presence and a sign that they’re watching over you in their afterlife.

If you’ve been seeing feathers in strange places or in your dreams, maybe it means that your kitty is keeping an eye on you!

17. Noticing Butterflies, Ladybugs, And Jays

Butterflies, ladybugs, and jays have long been associated with loved ones who have passed, coming to greet the living ones.

If you see one of these out in your garden, be happy – it’s your kitty’s way of reminding you that they haven’t forgotten about you!

The butterfly is the sign from a deceased loved one that is most frequently reported. This makes a lot of sense because, in many cultures, butterflies are said to symbolize the soul, hope, and the life cycle.

18. Hearing Your Cat’s Favorite Song On The Radio

Even though cats might hate most of your music, especially if it’s played very loudly, there just might be that one song you noticed your cat actually enjoys listening to!

If you hear your cat’s favorite song on the radio, or a song that particularly reminded you of your beloved feline – it’s not an accident , trust me. It’s a way for your cat’s spirit to show you their presence.

So, make sure you sing as loudly and dance as much as you can to it! This can be your way of honoring your cat.

19. Seeing A Rainbow

Seeing a rainbow bridge has been associated with the spirits of our loved ones for a really long time.

It is not just a sign connected to cats, but rather all other pets and even our dear family members saying Hello from the other side .

So even though rainbows are beautiful, they are not just a pretty display – they’re a possible sign of your cat greeting…

What Should You Do When Your Cat’s Spirit Visits You?

a woman and a cat are sleeping in the living room

If you feel that your cat’s spirit is present, you need to acknowledge their presence and encourage them to send more signs . If you ignore them, they may stop trying.

If you really want to take it a step further, you can consider visiting an animal communicator !

They are able to communicate with the souls of deceased animals.

Animal communicators may also be called spirit guides , and they’re able to comprehend an animal’s feelings, whether they manifest as impressions, thoughts, images, or sensations.

Your deceased pet ‘s messages can be transmitted to you by them once they make contact. Owners who receive pet readings may find at least a little bit of peace during the difficult time of mourning their precious pets.

An Important Thing To Remember!

After the passing of your fur baby , some hard times await you.

Your pet might have been your best friend and a life-long companion and I’m sure that the entire situation is heartbreaking , especially if this is your first time experiencing a pet loss .

It’s important to remember that whatever you’re feeling is completely valid! You shouldn’t bottle up emotions inside, because it’s better to deal with them now, rather than later.

You might move through different stages of grief including being in denial, angry, impatient, even feeling guilty, depressed, or numb. No matter what it is, whatever you’re feeling – it’s okay.

All you can do is find a way to cope with your loss, and not being a skeptic when it comes to your cat’s spirit being present around you can help!

If you just open your mind to the possibility of communicating with your cat in an usual way, I’m sure that it can bring you some comfort!

My Personal Experience

My 13 year old cat died 2 years ago due to, what we think was, a heart attack . She was a mixed-breed tabby cat and I remember her last night in my home like it was yesterday.

I went to check-up on her (for no real reason) before I went to sleep. She was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up, so I gave up cuddling with her that day. We were supposed to go to the vet the morning after, as she was having some litter box issues.

In the morning, she wasn’t waking up and that’s when my world crashed. I kissed her one last time and told my husband to come home from work. In the midst of all the grief, we agreed that cremation was the right choice for our beloved Mia and we do not regret that choice.

Nevertheless, I sense Mia’s spirit all around me and I noticed many of the signs that I described in the section above. The signs are there – you just have to be open to seeing them!

Just last week , my husband’s beloved dog died of kidney failure . Milo had been struggling with renal failure for some time now, but it had become a lot worse during the last year of his life and on his last day , we were expecting him to pass away sometime soon…

Again, we chose cremation , as for Mia. My husband tells me he hears Mia running the hallways; it’s a very quiet but sudden sound that goes away immediately.

I am mentioning this so you know that I too have felt the pain you’re experiencing. Me, and thousands of other pet owners whose pets have passed. You are not alone!


1. Will My Deceased Pet Visit Me?

a sad woman sits with a cat by the window

It cannot be said that your deceased pet’s spirit will definitely visit you. Some pet owners experience their deceased pet’s spirit visiting them, while others do not.

There is nothing you can do to encourage a visit from your cat’s spirit . You just have to wait for it to show. Some pet owners experience a visit after a day or two while for others it can take as long as a year after their pet has passed.

There are no rules and there is nothing you can do but to keep an open mind for potential signs of your cat’s spirit around you.

2. How Do I Know If My Deceased Pet Is Visiting Me?

If you’ve been observing some strange things happening lately, it can be that your pet’s spirit is trying to make their presence known.

How will you know if your deceased pet is visiting you? Well, are you noticing any signs that are somehow connected to your pet?

For example, faintly hearing their footsteps, having another animal visit you often, dreaming about your pet, or thinking you’ve seen them just around the corner?

These are only a few examples of your deceased pet’s spirit coming to visit you; there are many more possibilities, so keep an open mind to every possible sign!

If you start having more and more occurrences of these signs, that might be an indication your deceased pet is visiting you!

3. What Are Signs From Pets In The Afterlife?

There are many different signs from pets that have passed, but most of them can be categorized as being involved in you seeing, smelling, sensing, hearing, thinking, or dreaming of your pet.

There is also a possibility of your pet’s spirit showing up in the form of another animal. So if a stray kitty starts showing up at your door, that might be a sign of your deceased pet .

4. What Does My Deceased Cat Want?

If you see your cat’s spirit is trying to communicate to you, you might be wondering what exactly it is that your deceased cat wants…

Your deceased cat surely wants you to know:

🐾 that they’re always there with you even if you can’t see them

🐾 that they know you love them

🐾 that they are grateful to have had you as their owners

🐾 that they understand you’re sad, but that they would love to see you smile

🐾 that everything is going to be okay

No matter how sad you might be, there are still happy days ahead, and your deceased kitty surely wants you to enjoy them!

Final Thoughts

tabby cat is lying on the sofa

If you’ve experienced the passing of your beloved cat recently, you might be wondering: Will my cats spirit come visit me?

There is no way to tell for sure, but it’s very likely your kitty’s spirit will visit you. You just need to see the signs!

If your cat is trying to communicate to you – the signs are there! Being mindful and aware of everything around you is all you can do.

Don’t disregard anything you may have noticed if you believe it to be one of the signs I’ve listed above. Also, there can be other signs I did not mention, so please don’t disregard other possible signs your cat’s spirit is with you!

There is nothing you can do to boost the likelihood of your cat communicating with you. You can only wait…

Be mindful of your surroundings and your feelings. Signs of your cat‘s spirit are there, you just need to see them. Laugh and remember how many happy memories you have to think of when your pet comes to mind.

No matter what happens, you’ll cherish the memory of your loved kitty forever!

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