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7 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

7 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

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There’s one question that bothers many cat owners, especially at the beginning of their parenting, and that is – does my kitty love me or am I just a fool who serves the cat all the time?

I remember when I had my first cat… she wasn’t very affectionate and I was worried that she didn’t love me. Only later did I find out that the cat was showing me many signs of love that I couldn’t recognize.

That kitty was a remarkable hunter, so she would often catch prey and bring it to me but I was annoyed with having dead animals in front of my door. This was one of the many signs my cat was showing me, but I only learned this when it was too late. 

Even though your feline friend may not be very affectionate, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t love you. So, to help you out, here are some signs that your cat loves you!

#1 Your Kitty Is Following You Everywhere

illustration of cat and woman

Have you noticed that your cat won’t leave your side at all? If yes, worry not, as this is just its way of telling you that it loves you and cares about you. 

When cats want to show us love, they do it by being close to us. That usually leads to various interactions such as cuddling, playing, feeding, and similar things. 

So, if your cat wants to follow you even to the bathroom, no, it doesn’t want to stalk you, but it loves you so much that it cannot wait for you to get out of the room.

#2 Your Kitty Is Purring Or Meowing Softly

illustration of cat sitting on woman

Purring and meowing are some of the most recognizable cat sounds, but how to interpret their meanings? It’s very easy! 

Cats usually purr when they’re happy, relaxed, and completely satisfied. So, if your kitty is resting in your lap and purring, that’s actually a sign that your kitty loves you and trusts you so much. 

However, if you have thought that cats meow only when they’re hungry, you’re wrong. When your cat meows with a soft-pitched voice, surprisingly, it doesn’t need anything from you, it’s just telling you “I love you” and it might want to have your attention.

#3 Your Kitty Is Headbutting You

illustration of man cuddling with cat

Headbutting is one of the most famous cat behaviors. If your kitty comes and headbutts you, you can be sure that it loves you. 

Moreover, they do that only to the people they really care about. By headbutting and rubbing their heads against your body, they actually leave their scent on you to mark you as their owner. How sweet, or is it?

#4 Your Kitty Is Sleeping With Its Belly Up

illustration of cat sleeping on her bed

It’s a common thing that cats don’t like their bellies to be seen, or even worse, touched. But, what is the reason for that behavior? This behavior originates from their natural instinct. 

The main reason why cats often hide their bellies and don’t want them to be touched is that the belly is what keeps all their vital organs safe. So, you’ll rarely see a wild cat or a cat in nature sleeping with its belly up, because this would leave them vulnerable to predators. 

When your cat sleeps next to you with its belly up, it actually means your cat feels completely safe next to you, and that it loves you very much, so you should feel proud.

 #5 Your Kitty Is Kneading And Giving Love Bites

illustration of hand holding cat

These two behaviors are another sign that your kitty loves you very much, although it might not look like that, especially with the love bites. So, kneading is probably the sweetest cat behavior ever. They knead when they feel happy and relaxed. 

On the other hand, there are also love bites, also called gentle nibbles. These bites are more common for playful young kitties who give you a sweet gentle bite as a sign of their love for you. This may also be an invitation for play or something similar.

#6 Your Kitty Is Slowly Blinking

cute illustration of cat

If you’re a cat parent, then you must have seen your cat blinking at you! While you may think that it was by accident, your kitty was actually telling you that it loves you.

My grandma’s cat isn’t affectionate at all; she doesn’t like to be bothered when she’s relaxing, but every time I come to my grandma’s house, she greets me at the door, and I have even noticed her blinking at me a couple of times. Now I know she loves me but she was too proud to show me that!

#7 Your Kitty Is Bringing You Presents

illustration of birthday cat

If you have an outdoor kitty, you were probably frustrated with it bringing you dead prey to the front door. Now, you might be sorry for rejecting it, because this is actually another sign that your kitty loves you.

I remember that my friend was always complaining about her kitty bringing her dead mice or birds. Unfortunately, the cat won’t understand that it did something wrong because that’s what they do in order to show they care for someone. 

Cat parents with indoor kitties will probably suffer less as cats will often bring them their toys and similar things that they find interesting from your household.

Before you criticize your kitty for doing something, first, you should be sure what it is trying to tell you. Every cat parent should learn how to understand their cats and their body language in order to understand them better.

Finally, our cats definitely love us, but most of them don’t show it often, or we don’t understand them well enough to see it. 

Looks like some cats were tired of their owners not understanding them at all, so they even had to learn how to literally say “I love you”. Check out this cool video, it’s amazing!

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