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This Abandoned Cat Had The Best Idea On How To Secure His New Forever Home

This Abandoned Cat Had The Best Idea On How To Secure His New Forever Home

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You don’t have to be a passionate cat lover to know that cats are sneaky creatures. Our beloved feline friends have an ages-old strategy for getting exactly what they want – and the purrtagonist of today’s story is no exception!

Leonard, a true indoor kitty at heart from Magnolia, New Jersey, recently found himself in a rather sticky situation. 

Abandoned by his previous owners when they moved away, the poor guy simply couldn’t bear the thought of becoming a street cat.

So, he devised a plan that eventually turned out to be more than successful…

Instead of wandering into the dangers of the great outdoors, Leonard chose the familiarity of his neighborhood. 

His plan was to linger outside the house next to his, hoping the neighbors would take pity and take him in.

Determined not to give up the comfort of indoor life, Leonard spent days trying to get someone to notice him.

Luckily for Leonard, a kind lady named Sara Sharp, the founder of the Community Cat Club, was in his neighborhood around the same time, helping community cats get spayed and neutered. 

A neighbor alerted Sara to Leonard’s situation, and she happily agreed to help him, too.

Sara had no trouble catching Leonard as he was so friendly towards her – a true indoor kitty! 

She picked him up, and placed him in his cat carrier to be transported to the shelter; all the while he was the sweetest boy, rolling around on the ground, so happy to finally be rescued.

Apart from being covered in dirt and having a small scab on his face, Leonard was in good health. After getting vetted and neutered, the next step was to find him a forever home – something he eagerly anticipated!

Thanks to Sarama Animal Rescue, another amazing New Jersey-based shelter, Leonard’s foster family was found in no time.

Needless to say, he LOVED his new residence! He was over the moon with his new accommodation and followed his foster family around the house. His sweet nature soon led to another surprise…

Just three months after moving to his foster home, a family from New Jersey saw Leonard’s picture and immediately fell in love. 

They filled out an adoption application, and before long, Leonard became a permanent part of their family.

Today, Leonard is enjoying all the perks of indoor living. He is thriving with his new family who loves him so much – and has no plans of moving away and abandoning him anytime soon.

If they do decide to move – Leonard is undoubtedly coming with them!

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