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Jersey Cat Who Endured Years Of Stray Life Finds A Family And Can’t Get Enough Of Their Love

Jersey Cat Who Endured Years Of Stray Life Finds A Family And Can’t Get Enough Of Their Love

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A famished stray tabby cat found his way into a woman’s backyard, searching for a meal. Kristin, a vet tech, spotted him on her property and felt the need to lend a hand.

Enduring the harsh life outdoors, this resilient stray cat had faced countless battles with other strays, bearing the scars of neighborhood cat brawls. 

Yet, despite all the hardships he had endured, he was surprisingly friendly to people, lacking any aggression.

Kristin wasted no time, whisking him away to the vet, where he received the much-needed care and treatment he deserved. As he realized he was finally safe, the tabby showered the staff with headbutts and thunderous purrs.

It was abundantly clear that this brave feline did not belong on the unforgiving streets; he needed a warm and nurturing foster home to heal and rediscover his social spirit.

Kristin reached out to the Community Cat Club in South Jersey, hoping to find the perfect place for this deserving cat, who was soon given the name Booba (or Bubba).

Around five years old and FIV positive, after years of outdoor survival, Booba still had an affinity for every person he met. He also has a harmonious attitude towards friendly cats and dogs.

Booba yearned for a cozy home and a loving family eager to reciprocate the affection he was ready to shower upon them. One of his most endearing qualities was his love for companionship. 

This Jersey cat thrived in the presence of shelter, nourishing meals, and affectionate humans who made him feel cherished.

He wholeheartedly embraced the role of “supervisor” in his foster parents’ home, diligently shadowing them around the house, ensuring their safety at all times.

In the mornings, he would snuggle by their side, purring in contentment. Throughout the day, he would perch on the couch, eagerly seizing any opportunity to climb onto their laps and bask in their affection.

With his purrs and cuddles, Booba effortlessly won over their hearts. After a month in foster care, they decided to make him a permanent member of their family. As they shared with warmth:

“Bubba is doing so well being a house cat. We call him Booba as a nickname, and he responds to it, so he must like it. When anyone is home, he will follow you room by room, chatting about what you are doing.”

“He’s so friendly when it comes to guests. He loves to bird watch and loves treats. He is a great joy to have in our home and our lives.”

Booba’s indoor life has been nothing short of thriving. He loves to “talk” to his humans, diligently following their every move, their unwavering protector. Also, like any other cat, he is particularly fond of cuddling with his humans.

“He has been a light in our home. He’s always ready to snuggle; he’s silly and loves company. He’s so good, being around people, and loves his parents.”

It’s as if Booba serves as their own personal security detail, ensuring their well-being around the clock.

Now at six years old, Booba revels in living life to the fullest, reigning supreme over his loving humans. 

When he’s not diligently watching over them, trailing them, or nestling close for cuddles, Booba loses himself in the captivating world of bird-watching. It’s almost as if he was destined for the pampered life of an indoor cat.

I hope you’ve relished Booba’s heartwarming tale as much as we have, and please feel free to share it with friends and spread the love.

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