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Aggressive Bengal Cat Overcomes Trauma To Flourish In A Loving Home

Aggressive Bengal Cat Overcomes Trauma To Flourish In A Loving Home

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Some felines are just naturally more defiant and aggressive than others. A significant factor contributing to this type of behavior is the way they are treated and approached. 

If raised in a tumultuous environment, they’ll probably grow up to be violent and defensive as a way to protect themselves from potential danger.

By no means should these felines be avoided or neglected. With the right approach, patience, and love, it’s possible to connect with them. It’s safe to say that today’s heroine had an abundance of those virtues.

Meet Cecilia, a woman who decided to adopt an unwanted and aggressive Bengal cat named George and offer him a forever home. 

Cecilia adopted George when he was almost seven years old, becoming his fourth and final owner. 

Upon his arrival, she realized that George wasn’t just a pretty feline; he had major behavior issues and was quite aggressive, mainly because he had never been properly socialized. Despite this, Cecilia saw potential in him.

George’s Origins

It’s no secret that George had a really rough past. According to Cecilia, George’s first owner apparently had to give him away due to a bad domestic situation that she had to flee. 

She entrusted baby George with a friend who promised to return him once she settled in her new place. However, the man passed him off to a family friend, where George unfortunately didn’t receive enough attention.

The next places he went off to never became his forever homes because the owners were either allergic or had cats that George was attacking daily.

All of this turmoil left George traumatized, making him distrustful, anxious, and hostile. He desperately needed someone like Cecilia to show him what a loving cat parent actually looks like. 

The Power Of A Loving Home

Cecilia shared that right from the start, George was a huge challenge. He was the only cat she ever met that actually pursued attacks. However, she and her family were more than willing to work with his challenging temper. 

George’s love was never questioned. He undoubtedly liked his new owner, but just didn’t know how to show it without hurting her. In his world, love meant pain. Cecilia said:

“He was very anxiously attached to me, but very bonded at the same time. I have scars all over my body because of him.”

George had a lot of abandonment issues. Each time he would see Cecilia putting on her jacket, he would jump and attack her because he was so afraid she would leave him. 

To help with his separation anxiety, Cecilia followed the vet’s advice and put George on Prozac.

Another thing that helped soothe him and tame his wild spirit was Cecilia’s decision to train him like a dog and teach him how to walk on a leash.

So, once he was harness and leash-trained, and willing to go for walks, he stopped attacking Celia. He no longer associated her jacket with her leaving, but rather with a pleasant activity they both enjoyed. 

As it turned out, Cecilia was a perfect owner for George because she knew how to bring out the best in him. Having taught violin for over a decade, she understood how to encourage certain behaviors in someone in order to reach their full potential

She said:

“For behavior issues, really reward the positive behavior and ignore the negative behavior.”

Since Cecilia also occasionally fostered kittens, she had to teach George how to be gentle with them. However, that proved to be no problem at all. With a little effort and love, she managed to transform him from an aggressive to a tolerant and loving kitty. 

Celia said:

“The more you engage a sentient creature, the more they’re going to respond back to you.”

Celia and George were definitely destined to find each other. Though their relationship had its challenges, they managed to overcome all obstacles and create an unbreakable bond.

As Cecilia shared:

“I’ve gone through an entire couch set, I’ve gone through three rugs, I’ve gone through multiple glasses, but I love him. I also accept George for what he is. He needs to be respected on his own terms.”

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this touching story, but if you want to see more of George, make sure to check out his Instagram and TikTok accounts. 

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