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Barn Kitten Desperately Cries After Mom Abandons Her But Then Something Amazing Happens

Barn Kitten Desperately Cries After Mom Abandons Her But Then Something Amazing Happens

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Farm cats are usually the happiest cats you can encounter! With the great outdoors right at the tip of their paws and numerous animal friends, these sweet felines truly enjoy their life.

sad look of a cat with blue eyes
Credit: Instagram

However, not every cat is born to be a farm cat. Some of them are born to be spoiled indoor cats, with toys and cozy beds. So without further ado, let’s dive into the story of a barn kitty who desperately wanted a home!

One summer holiday, Emily decided to visit her aunt and their family farm. After a hard college semester, she needed a quiet place to unwind and relax.

a sad cat with a downcast look on a white blanket
Credit: Instagram

Her aunt’s farm cat recently had kittens, so once she arrived, Emily instantly went to the barn to visit the fluffy newcomers. As she shared in a video:

“When I went into the shed, I saw that there were four of them, but then I spotted this puffball of a kitten in the very corner with a ton of different colors all over her fur.”

Mesmerized by her cuteness, Emily scooped the kitten up and snapped a few pictures of her before returning her to the litter. 

a cute kitten walks on the sheets
Credit: Instagram

With no intentions to adopt a kitten, Emily went back home. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about the fluffy calico kitten! 

While she was looking at the pictures she snapped that day, Emily realized she was in love with the little fluffball. At that moment, she decided to visit her aunt and adopt that tiny sweetheart.

the cat enjoys driving in the car on the dashboard
Credit: Instagram

As it turned out, it was the best decision she ever made, as Emily mentioned:

“It’s a good thing that I did because her mom had actually decided to abandon her over the past few weeks.”

Once Emily went to the barn to pick the kitten up, she couldn’t find her! She frantically searched for her only to discover her crying in the tall grass behind the barn. 

a cat sits on a man's shoulder
Credit: Instagram

Abandoned by her cat mom, the sweet fluffball was scared and alone waiting for someone to save her. 

Naming her Meena, her forever mom scooped her up ready to bring her back home. Since her mom abandoned her, poor Meena weighed only one pound, and for an 8-week-old kitten that meant she was severely malnourished.

a man holds a cute kitten in his hands and kisses it
Credit: Instagram

Emily was now on a mission to turn her into a chubby and healthy little girl, as she also shared:

“The next few weeks we got rid of all her ear mites, and we fed her three to four times a day to make sure that she gained the weight that she needed to.”

As I said in the beginning, Meena was never destined to be a farm cat. She was born to be a spoiled indoor cat, with her humans showering her with love. 

portrait of a cat sitting by the window
Credit: Instagram

Sweet Meena managed to win over everyone, even Emily’s boyfriend who never considered himself a cat person. As Emily said:

“One of my favorite things to have watched over this time is my boyfriend, who vowed that he would never like cats, is now wrapped around her paw. He tends to remind her probably about five times a day, how cute she is.”

portrait of a cat with beautiful eyes
Credit: Instagram

I can relate to this since Meena is one of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen! I’m so grateful Emily decided to give her a forever home and provide her with a life she was destined for!If you want to be mesmerized by Meena’s cuteness make sure to follow her over on Instagram!

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