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Meet Bell, The Cat With A Majestic Squirrel-Like Tail

Meet Bell, The Cat With A Majestic Squirrel-Like Tail

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Before you continue reading, I must warn you that this little furball will steal your heart as soon as you lay your eyes on her!

There are many bushy-tailed cat breeds, but none quite like Bell, a small kitty with a squirrel-like, bushy, fluffy tail that will leave you in awe.

Bell is a unique three-year-old cat. She is a delightful mix of Munchkin and Persian breeds, also known as a “minuet cat” or Napoleon breed.

This breed of cat is considered to be one of the cutest breeds, mostly because of their adorable features, including short legs, round eyes, face, and fluffy fur.

While Napoleon cats are generally known for their magnificent fluffy tails, Bell is an exception. 

Bell’s tail surpasses the average size for a minuet cat, resembling that of a squirrel, which adds to her individuality and attracts even more attention.

When her owner started sharing Bell’s photos on Instagram, she immediately went viral on Instagram and captured everyone’s hearts there.

Now, Bell is a real feline celebrity with over 227,000 followers on Instagram. Impressive! Each of her adorable photos gets thousands of likes immediately after being posted. 

I was amazed by this cat’s appearance, I mean, who wouldn’t be? 

If you wish to enjoy Bell’s adventure and marvel at her stunning looks every day, all you have to do is follow her on Instagram!

After all, who wouldn’t love to see this beautiful cat and her glorious tail every single day?

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