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After 341 Days At The Shelter, Cat Puts On His Most Pleading Look And Secures Himself A Home

After 341 Days At The Shelter, Cat Puts On His Most Pleading Look And Secures Himself A Home

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Thanks to Monty’s irresistible, pleading eyes, he has finally found his forever home after 341 long days at the shelter. Monty used to be a stray cat, barely surviving the harsh street life until he was brought to EV SPCA.

He wasn’t too fond of other cats at the shelter and preferred to spend his days hidden away in his kennel. 

Shelter staff tried their best to keep him company, but they knew Monty needed a place where he could be the one and only cat in the house. As they shared in a post:

“He loves people and would adore a family of his very own.”

cute black cat with big eyes
Source: Facebook

However, days soon turned into weeks and before they knew it, Monty spent months at the shelter. They all still hoped his forever family would come knocking on their door any day now…

Monty waited patiently, but after six months, there was still nobody who was interested in adopting him.

On the bright side, he did form bonds with some of the female cats, so his days at the shelter weren’t as gloomy as before.

adorable cat in shelter
Source: Facebook

Monty was moved from his “solitude” to live with the female felines he liked, and this gave him more space and he enjoyed their company.

Days passed, and on the 310th day at the shelter, a generous supporter sponsored Monty’s adoption fee. Sadly, he couldn’t adopt him, but he was more than happy to sponsor Monty hoping someone would come and offer him a home soon.

However, it all seemed in vain… until one day, Monique discovered Monty’s story on the shelter’s page.

black cat in box
Source: Facebook

At the time, Monique and her husband were searching for a feline friend to accompany their 5-year-old female pet cat, Fortune. Fortunately, Monty seemed like the purrfect fit!

When her husband sent her Monty’s photo, it sealed the deal! As Monique shared in an interview:

“It was obviously meant to be, and we had the same idea. I showed the picture to my son, and he didn’t stop asking about him until I said yes.”

sweet black cat laying down
Source: Facebook

Her son was clearly thrilled about Monty, and the family quickly put in an application to adopt him. 

Once they were approved, they all set out to meet their new feline friend and bring him home! When they arrived at the shelter, Monty was resting on a high shelf when a volunteer came in and handed him over to his new family.

two kids playin with black cat
Source: Facebook

Monty instantly bonded with Monique’s kids, letting them pet him and snuggle him close. He was the perfect little gentleman on their ride home, and when they arrived he was eager to explore every corner of his new environment.

Now, he’s their shadow, following them closely wherever they go. He’s always showering them with affection and loves playing with his new sister, Fortune.

two black cats laying on a bed
Source: Facebook

It’s as if he knows he is finally safe and that this is his forever home, as Monique shared:

“I think he knows he is in his forever home. He is constantly under my feet, rubbing himself on my legs and purring.”

He has the greatest best and is amazing with kids. Monique’s children carry him around like a baby, play with him, and cuddle him. He seems to love it even more than they do!

happy kid with black cat
Source: Facebook

Monty’s favorite spots in his new home are by the fireplace or snuggled under the sheets with Monique’s son. They’re all overjoyed to have found Monty and given him a loving home, as Monique shared:

“I always ask Monty, ‘Are you glad you came to live with this crazy family of ours?’ And we always laugh. We might be crazy, but we give him all the love in the world, and he returns it right back.”

cat laying near fireplace
Source: Facebook

“Soon, his 300+ days in the shelter will be a distant memory, but he will never forget the wonderful care he received from the amazing workers that led him to us.”

After 341 long days, Monty has found his forever home and a loving family to call his own. Let’s share Monty’s heartwarming story to inspire others to give cats a second chance because it’s never too late!

Share this story with your friends and explore more from EV SPCA on Facebook. Let’s help more cats like Monty find their forever homes!

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