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After Spending What Seems Like An Eternity At The Shelter, This Black Cat Finally Finds His Luck

After Spending What Seems Like An Eternity At The Shelter, This Black Cat Finally Finds His Luck

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Most people look to adopt young, perfectly healthy kittens as a part of their family, while adult ones aren’t as fortunate.

When an adult cat is also a special needs cat, unfortunately, its chances of getting adopted are almost zero. Special needs cats require special care and attention, which is why they have a hard time finding homes and loving families.

However, one such feline named Plankton turned out to be luckier than most, showing that each kitty has its perfect human match out there somewhere.

Yet, Plankton didn’t live a life without struggles, but quite the contrary. Despite being a special needs kitty, he found his forever home only after spending 2,432 days at the Ulster County SPCA, in New York.

Plankton’s Touching Story

What makes Plankton’s story even more touching and sad is the fact that he arrived at the Ulster County SPCA as a kitten after being rescued from a hoarding situation along with over 100 other cats. 

The poor black kitten was very sick, and after lots of tests and examinations, Plankton was diagnosed with kidney failure. Miraculously, this tiny kitten proved to be a fighter, surviving the harsh disease.

Even though Plankton survived kidney failure, the harsh disease left him with lifelong medical needs. From that moment, it was clear he would have a hard time finding his forever home. 

Plankton had to receive a ten-minute infusion of drugs three times a week for the rest of his life. Of course, such treatment can be done at home by any cat owner, but no one seemed to be interested in taking so much care of one feline.

As he grew into a beautiful adult cat, his chances of adoption decreased even more. However, he never gave up; instead, he embraced shelter life, hoping that one day, the sun would shine on him.

Plankton Finally Finds A Forever Home

After spending 2,432, precisely 6 years and 6 months, in shelter, Plankton’s wish came true. He found his forever humans and home, proving that it was all worth the wait.

Plankton found happiness with Ashlee Houghtaling and her mother Ann, who learned about him in an article promoting older shelter pets.

Ashlee and Ann lost their beloved dog to renal failure, which is why they knew Plankton was the right addition to their family when they learned about him. Ashley said:

“I thought it was so sad that no one was adopting him because he had a medical condition. The fact that he had been there for so long – it really hit home for me. Sick cats need homes too.”

After all those years, it’s no wonder that the shelter staff and volunteers had grown attached to Plankton. However, letting him go was for his greater good, so they were beyond happy for him. The SPCA shared:

“Plankton was cheered by staff and volunteers alike as adoption papers were signed and he at last bid farewell to the Ulster County SPCA for his fur-ever home.”

Arriving at his new forever home, Plankton didn’t only get new parents Ashley and Anne, but also two cat siblings, Nutmeg and Boots.

After everything this poor kitty has been through, it was finally his time to shine and enjoy life in a cozy home with loving parents and two furry siblings.

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