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Brave 14-Year-Old Boy Risks His Life To Rescue A Cat Thrown From A Moving Car

Brave 14-Year-Old Boy Risks His Life To Rescue A Cat Thrown From A Moving Car

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You don’t need physical strength or some power to be a hero; it only takes having a big and strong heart as well as a determined mind.

That’s exactly how this 14-year-old boy became a hero. Thanks to him and his actions, the poor tabby cat survived, and on top of everything, they became inseparable.

The whole story was shared by Gavin’s mom, Erin Brown, and it quickly went viral, making everyone cry.

young boy with cat
Source:  Erin Brown

That day, Erin was driving her son to a birthday party. During the ride, they saw another moving car and noticed something unusual. The driver rolled down the window and threw a cat out in the middle of the incoming traffic on the highway.

Without thinking, Erin immediately pulled the brakes to stop and what her son Gavin did was really heroic… 

Gavin jumped out of the car and signaled to the hustle and bustle of traffic to stop so that he could save the poor cat. Erin said:

“In shock watching the cat slam the pavement and scurry all over the highway, he ran to the overpass right by me and jumped on top of the overpass about to jump down.”

boy holding cat in arms
Source:  Erin Brown

After stopping the traffic, Gavin quickly picked up the cat and ran to his car. His mom couldn’t be any prouder after seeing his heroic act. She said:

“Not sure which I’m in more shock of, the cat being thrown out a window of a moving vehicle on 196 or my son flying out of my car onto the highway and diving into an overpass to rescue a cat.”

After saving the cat named Lucky, who was in great shock, they rushed to BluePearl Pet Hospital to have him checked.

Some people may say that animals don’t know or feel anything, but Lucky proves them wrong. This tabby boy just couldn’t stop cuddling Gavin because he realized this human being actually saved him from the claws of death.  

The Brave 14-Year-Old Boy Runs Into Incoming Traffic To Save The Cat That Was Thrown Out Of The Car
Source:  Erin Brown

After the examination, Lucky was fine, thankfully. The only issue was that his claws were torn off because he hit too hard on the pavement after his cruel previous owner did this horrible thing to him. Erin recalled this heartwarming moment:

“He cuddled right into Gavin’s arms and Gavin held him tightly and just kept petting him to show him that we wouldn’t hurt him and gain the cat’s trust.”

However, what happened after Erin shared this heartwarming story was even more incredible. The story quickly went viral, and after one kind stranger heard it, he found the family and offered to pay all of Lucky’s medical fees.

Both Erin and Gavin were touched by this kind man’s act. Erin added:

“He then said, ‘I’ll also give the $63 I have to pay for my new cat to go with that to get us closer to the total.’ My heart just swelled with gratitude.”

boy laying with cat
Source:  Erin Brown

Hearing such stories and people doing nice and kind things, actually restores my faith in humanity! 

Lucky was very lucky to come across this young but kind-hearted boy. Not only did Gavin save his life, but he also provided him with a fur-ever home and true friendship. Erin said:

“Lucky is well aware that Gavin saved him, and their bond is one I just can’t describe. He is so far the sweetest cat I have ever met! He is so mellow and playful and just plain lovable!”

On top of everything, Gavin also said that he had a passion to be a veterinarian, and if he fulfills his dream, I have no doubt that he’ll be among the best vets in the world!

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