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Brave Kitty Had A Giant Face Tumor That Could Have Cost Her Life But She Chooses To Live

Brave Kitty Had A Giant Face Tumor That Could Have Cost Her Life But She Chooses To Live

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After hearing this amazing story, you’ll see that cats can be brave too, and that their will to live can be bigger than anything. This beautiful cat named Keta is proof of that. 

Despite her bad condition, she refused to give up and decided to fight and show everyone that a brave cat can accomplish anything.

Who Is Keta And What Happened To Her?

cat with tumor

Keta was found on the street. She looked so bad that no one believed she’d make it. However, all she needed was a little bit of luck. Luckily, she was brought to the shelter in hope of getting a second chance.

Keta had a giant tumor on her face that could have cost her life, but thanks to the team at Unwanted NYC Pets, everything turned out great.

poor sick cat

However, it wasn’t easy! Keta’s surgery was very risky and, along with her recovery period, everything was very expensive. Still, these good and kind volunteers at Unwanted NYC Pets didn’t want to give up.

Although they knew how risky the surgery was, the volunteers worked tirelessly to raise funds for Keta’s surgery. They simply believed that it was worth giving Keta a second chance to have a happy and healthy new life.

Finally, the surgery was successful, but the hardest part was a recovery period. It was long, and Keta needed a lot of rehabilitation and medical care around the clock. 

cat with tumor standing still

But, Keta wasn’t alone during this process. She had a whole crew as her backup and they took good care of her. With the help of the volunteers and her caregivers, she started recovering very quickly.

Everyone motivated her and didn’t want her to lose her spirit. So, Keta regained her energy and showed that she’s happy, playful, and thankful for everything she had been through.

Despite all the trauma and pain that she experienced, Keta remained a gentle and loving cat with a joyful expression on her face.

Keta beat the tumor, but now there was another challenge ahead of her – to find a fur-ever home. 

sick cat looking straight

Luckily, that wasn’t as hard a task as others thought. With her lovely and playful personality, and courageous spirit, she quickly found herself a loving family and stole their hearts.

This was a happy end for Keta, once again. Her new family fell in love with Keta the moment they saw her and they embraced her with open arms.

When I heard about Keta and her hard, but inspirational, story, it really moved me. 

grey cat with head tumor

Keta is a symbol of courage, determination, and hope. It reminds us that even when we’re down, the good times will come and that the sun will shine on us again, just like it did for this brave cat!

serious cat watching

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