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Bruce The Cautious Bobcat Meets A Kind Woman Who Offers Him A Fresh Start

Bruce The Cautious Bobcat Meets A Kind Woman Who Offers Him A Fresh Start

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One day, a skinny stray named Bruce came to a woman’s doorstep. He looked at her with curious eyes, but he was also very cautious. 

When she first saw him, she thought he might have some bobcat in him because of his unique look, but it turned out he was all domestic.

bobcat eating on a porch
Credit: TikTok

The woman felt sorry for him immediately, so she decided to give him food. At first, Bruce would only come for a short time because he was scared. 

The woman understood that she needed to be patient, so she kept giving him food every day, but she also left the door slightly open. 

hand trying to pet the bobcat
Credit: TikTok

This way, Bruce could come inside slowly and carefully to grab some food before running away. 

As the days went by, Bruce luckily became less afraid and started to feel safe. It was quite challenging, but once Bruce got used to eating indoors, the woman decided to move forward. 

hand petting the bobcat
Credit: TikTok

She started using a spoon to give him food, which helped them bond even more. She made sure to go at his pace, making sure he was always comfortable. 

She began by gently petting him while wearing a glove for protection. To her surprise, Bruce didn’t mind this new method at all.

However, after the woman shared his story on TikTok, many people became curious, so she had to address several things.

photo of bobcat named bruce
Credit: TikTok

One of them is that Bruce is about 8 years old, but it’s hard to know for sure. To make sure everyone felt better, she tried really hard to find Bruce’s owner. 

She put up “found cat” notices online, talked to the neighbors, and checked if he had a microchip or collar. 

bobcat sleeping
Credit: TikTok

Also, when Bruce first came to her house, he was really skinny, had fleas and worms, and hadn’t been neutered. This made her think he might have been a feral or abandoned cat. 

Even though he was a little scared of kids at first, he likes hanging out with her friends and is usually nice to people he doesn’t know. And guess what? Sometimes he even sleeps with his tongue sticking out, which is really cute!

woman kissing the bobcat
Credit: TikTok

But now that he’s with his best friend, Bruce has been neutered, had a full checkup at the vet, and got all his shots. 

He sticks to her like glue, always wanting to be held and loved. Every day, she wakes up to his joyful company – a fluffy alarm clock with a smile.

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