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This Incredible Domestic Cat Adopted A Baby Lynx As Her Own

This Incredible Domestic Cat Adopted A Baby Lynx As Her Own

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I love watching Animal Planet in my spare time, and I always liked Lynxes. I always thought they looked just like domesticated cats with pointy ears, lol. However, I have never seen a cat go near a lynx, let alone nurture one. 

As a matter of fact, I haven’t even seen a lynx live, and I don’t believe my cats have either. I bet my cats would be too scared to go near a lynx if we ever encountered one. But not this cat! 

This amazing cat was so overcome by motherly love that it adopted and took care of a poor, abandoned baby lynx. 

Baby Lynx Was Rejected By Her Own Mom, But A Zoo Keeper Had A Great Idea

a cat with front paws plays with a baby lynx

Nika, the baby lynx, was considered the runt of her litter and as soon as one zoo keeper noticed she wasn’t being fed properly by her mother, they decided to bring in a “surrogate mom”. 

Their pet cat had kittens not long ago before this lynx was abandoned, so they all hoped that the cat would still be in a “motherly mood” and that there wouldn’t be any problems regarding Nika the lynx. 

a cat with a baby lynx on the roof

Everyone hoped that the employee’s cat would accept this poor baby lynx, and luckily, the cat did just that! This amazing mama cat was overcome by her motherly instinct and started grooming the baby lynx as soon as the two met. 

I don’t think that any of my cats would be brave enough to do this. Perhaps it’s not bravery, but more of a motherly instinct, but still. I think my kitties would be too scared to approach a wild cat of any kind. 

a cat with a baby lynx is playing on the roof

The cat groomed Nika, cleaning her and cuddling with her just as though she was her own baby. Nika immediately started eating, as well as feeling and looking better. 

crested Baby Lynx

It is always a sad thing when baby animals are left behind, regardless of their species. Every animal needs a bit of motherly love in order to survive and thrive. 

Baby Lynx sits by the fence while the cat licks her

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