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Cat Nearly Made His Owners Return From Vacation After Watching Him On Pet Cam

Cat Nearly Made His Owners Return From Vacation After Watching Him On Pet Cam

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Each year when vacation season comes, cat parents wonder what to do with their cherished kitties while they’re away. Some go for pet hotels, while others prefer to keep them comfy at home and hire pet sitters for daily check-ins.

Such was the case of Pawl the cat who almost made his owners cancel their trip and head back home after they saw him in a pet cam clip that has since earned viral fame!

cat sitting by the window
Credit: Instagram

Whenever his owners went on vacation, Pawl stayed home alone. They would organize pet sitters to care for him and set up pet cameras to ensure his well-being.

This was their usual thing over the four years since Pawl had been with them. As Pawl’s daddy Jonah shared in an interview:

“When we go on vacation we have babysitters to watch Pawl, but also always set up cameras to make sure he’s doing okay. Typically it’s a lot of him just laying around, or looking out the window looking at birds.”

cat peeking through the window
Credit: Instagram

However, their recent vacation brought a new twist to this routine. This time, they caught Pawl on camera doing something that left them completely heartbroken.

Wandering around the apartment with a toy fish clutched in his mouth, Pawl was emitting the most heartbreaking meows they had ever experienced. This poor cat looked utterly sad and his eyes reflected the loneliness he felt.

As Jonah recounted the footage they saw on camera, he shared:

“This time when we checked the cameras it was Pawl roaming around the apartment with his fish making the saddest meows we’ve ever heard.”

cat carrying a toy in its mouth
Credit: Instagram

It was a moment that left the family feeling devastated. Seeing their beloved furry friend in such a sad state was more than they could bear.

As the family realized how much their absence affected Pawl, they nearly canceled their trip and returned home immediately.

Sharing the video on TikTok, Jonah explained in the caption:

“Checked our cameras 10 minutes after we left for vacation and this is what I saw… instant heartbreak. Almost turned the car around to take Pawl with us.”


The fact he’s walking around with his fish makes it that much sadder. (We have babysitters come on check him so he’s not too lonely.) #pets #fyp #popular #cats

♬ original sound – Pawl The Cat

When Jonah shared Pawl’s video on TikTok, it instantly went viral. Viewers from all over the platform were captivated by Pawl holding his fish toy and making pitiful meows, longing for his hoomans.

This whole experience seemed like a wake-up call for Pawl’s family as they realized they could never bear to leave him behind again.

They now plan to include Pawl in their future trips and vacations, as Jonah shared:

“We’re going to start practicing going in the car with Pawl to see how he handles road trips. He does already go for stroller rides and walks.”

photo of cat in a stroller
Credit: Instagram

Jonah also explained what Pawl likes to do lately:

“Most mornings I actually wake up the fish in front of my bedroom door because Pawls brings it to me every night. I like to think it’s his way of showing he’s thinking about me.”

I bet this clever kitty does it to ensure his owners never make the same slip-up again! Classic Pawl, he’s always up to something new to keep them on their toes, just like that time he nibbled Jonah’s leg in his drive-by zoomies, remember?

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