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Hero Cat Dials 911 And Saves His Owner’s Life During A Stroke Attack

Hero Cat Dials 911 And Saves His Owner’s Life During A Stroke Attack

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I’ve heard many incredible stories about pets saving their owners’ lives in unexpected ways. However, this one left me completely speechless: a cat saved its owner’s life by doing the unthinkable – dialing 911!

I know what you’re thinking, impossible, right? Well, the police were just as stunned, yet they had no other explanation than to believe this remarkable cat truly made the emergency call that saved the day. Let me tell you all about it!

adorable ginger kitten
Source: YouTube

Harry Rosheisen, a solitary man from Columbus, Ohio, had been confined to a wheelchair for ten years. Seeking companionship and a way to help lower his blood pressure, Harry adopted a cat named Tommy.

From the moment he welcomed Tommy as a kitten, Harry found comfort in his presence. They quickly formed a deep bond, understanding each other in ways few people could.

Tommy was an incredibly intelligent cat and Harry trained him to perform many tasks. He even tried to teach him to dial 911 in an emergency. However, Harry was never quite certain if Tommy had fully grasped the concept.

cat and old phone
Source: YouTube

One day, Harry suddenly felt dizzy and tried to reach for the phone, but the movement caused him to fall from his wheelchair. As he lay on the floor, unable to move, fear filled his mind. Harry was having a microstroke and nobody was there to help.

In this desperate moment, his faithful companion Tommy appeared beside him. When he realized something was wrong, his eyes widened and he began to meow loudly, sensing the urgency.

This smart cat remembered the lessons Harry had taught him and approached the phone with determination. Pressing the buttons with his paw with unbelievable accuracy, Tommy dialed 911.

ginger cat and phone
Source: YouTube

The emergency number, the one Harry had practiced dialing with Tommy, lit up on the screen and the dispatcher swiftly responded. However, she only heard frantic meowing on the line and hung up, thinking it was a prank.

Yet, something about the urgency in the cat’s cries made her hesitate. She called back but received no answer. Trusting her instincts, she decided to send a police officer to check on the situation.

When Officer Jackson arrived at the apartment, he found Harry unconscious on the floor. Nearby, Tommy lay next to the phone, staring at the officer with a silent plea for help.

cute ginger cat
Source: YouTube

Harry awoke in the hospital and found out what had happened. The police report detailed how the cat dialed 911, a story that seemed unbelievable to everyone involved. Yet, Harry understood – his training with Tommy had paid off!

Before he returned home, Harry explained that he was unable to get up due to the pain he felt. He also forgot to wear his medical alert necklace and couldn’t reach a cord to signal for help. At that critical moment, his cat performed the incredible act.

Once at home, Harry felt profound gratitude for his faithful friend, and their bond was deeper than ever. As Tommy nuzzled his hand, Harry realized that even in the quiet solitude of their home, he had the most precious company he could ever ask for.

close view of cute ginger cat
Source: YouTube

As I said, I’ve heard many amazing pet stories, but this one really blew me away. A cat dialing 911? Sounds like something out of a movie, yet it happened in real life.

This story will definitely stay with me, making me appreciate even more the amazing bonds we share with our furry friends.

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