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People Break Down After Seeing This Cat Caring For Her Sick Canine Sibling

People Break Down After Seeing This Cat Caring For Her Sick Canine Sibling

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Who says cats only care about themselves? That claim is as old as the hills, and it’s nothing but a dusty old myth!

Many folks still insist that cats view their owners as nothing more than glorified can openers or servants. But, oh boy, could they be any more wrong? It’s like they’ve mastered the art of being wrong!

Perhaps the reason why so many people believe that cats can’t form strong attachments to their owners, unlike dogs, is because it takes a bit more time and patience to earn a cat’s trust. Cats like to play it cool, you know?

But we cat lovers know the real deal. Our feline friends can form deep, unbreakable bonds with us and even with other pets. 

Sure, it’s often fellow cats they bond with. But surprise, surprise, cats and dogs can be best buddies! I know what you’re thinking, “Impossible, they’re like night and day!” But hey, sometimes opposites attract, right?

Take the orange kitty in this story, for instance. He adores his doggy brother so much that even the dog is a bit baffled at first.

cat and dog in a bed
Source: Reddit

A Reddit user by the name of Imaginary-Cricket903 shared a heartwarming photo of his cat taking care of his sick dog, along with this caption:

“My dog has been sick and is on a vet-mandated couch-rest. His little cat brother has been tending to him by bringing him his (meaning the cat’s) worm toys. Dog brother is very confused as to why the cat keeps bringing him these.”

dog laying and cat standing in the house
Source: Reddit

As you can see in the picture, the cat brings his canine buddy one of his beloved toy worms. The comments on the post had me laughing out loud and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. One user chimed in:

“He’s giving him the things he finds comforting to comfort his dog brother. That melts my heart!”

Their owner explained that the cat is actually obsessed with these worm-string toys. They are his absolute favorites. He added:

“He must love his dog brother a whole lot to sacrifice even a single worm.”

Then there were the funny comments that kept rolling in:

“May I offer you a worm in these trying times?”

cat and dog in a messy room
Source: Reddit

Another user imagined the cat as a sophisticated gentleman, saying:

“Hm yes, Mr. Worm gets me high and my brother Richard is clearly in need of intoxication. Here you go, Richard. Do get better.”

Haha, these comments cracked me up! On a more heartwarming note, with so many people showing interest and sharing their thoughts on the cat, and the dog’s well-being, the owner later posted an update:

dog and cat friends
Source: Reddit

It looks like the magic worms really did the trick! Jokes aside, the dog has made a full recovery, and the two furry friends are still enjoying their time together. Their bond is even stronger than before.

So, even though it’s often hard to imagine your cat being friends with a dog, or vice versa, it can happen. As we saw in this heartwarming story, not only are these two pets friends but they’re deeply bonded to one another.

Have you ever witnessed a dog-cat friendship like this? Feel free to share your story with us.

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