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Cat Celebrates Her 20th Birthday And Her Beloved Humans Have The Purrfect Gift

Cat Celebrates Her 20th Birthday And Her Beloved Humans Have The Purrfect Gift

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People usually put a lot of emphasis on celebrating milestones, like anniversaries, birthdays, and more. But what about our pets? 

Most pet parents consider their beloved furry friends as part of the family, so why not throw a party for them too?

TikTok user @leahkahan’s family didn’t think twice. They decided to celebrate their cat Mattie’s 20th birthday in style, and what they did is sure to warm everyone’s heart!


Happy 20th birthday mattie 😂

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Mattie’s family prepared a special gift for her – a “cat-cuterie” board loaded with all of her favorite food and snacks. 

There were different types of wet and dry food on the board, such as a dash of fish, some catnip, and even a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Before presenting her with this special treat, the entire family sang Mattie a heartfelt birthday song. You could see the excitement in her eyes as she eagerly dug into her birthday banquet.

Now, this wasn’t just any birthday celebration. It was Mattie’s 20th birthday, which is quite a remarkable achievement for a cat. 

According to PetMD, the average lifespan for domestic cats ranges from 13 to 17 years. So, reaching 20 is truly exceptional, making Mattie one extraordinary kitty. 

the cat eats food from a wooden bowl for his birthday

Of course, a cat’s lifespan also depends on factors like breed, genetics, lifestyle, health condition, diet and similar. 

Every cat parent wishes for their feline friend to have long lives, but to make that happen, you need to pay attention to a lot of things. Here are some tips that can help your cat live a longer life:

• Provide a balanced and age-appropriate diet.

• Schedule regular veterinary check-ups.

• Cat-proof your home for safety.

Keep the cat mentally and physically stimulated.

While our furry friends can’t stay with us forever, with plenty of love and care, we can ensure they have the best and happiest time on this Earth, just like Mattie.

There’s no doubt that Mattie’s family gave her the best care possible. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be celebrating her 20th birthday. But she certainly deserved it!

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