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How And When Cats Are Celebrated In Europe

How And When Cats Are Celebrated In Europe

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If you’re a cat parent, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that our cats behave like queens every day, but we still love them and do everything for them. However, there is one special day that is specially dedicated to our furry kitties.

Europeans celebrate cats on the 17th of February every year in an event that was established in Italy many years ago.

a beautiful cat walks on the sidewalk
Photo from: @anna_golovko

Throughout history, cats have been sacred animals for many different civilizations, from ancient Egyptians to the Romans, and many others. Well, it seems that nowadays not much has changed! Cats are still one of the most popular pets, and they even have their special day in Europe. 

Some people still believe that cats possess extraordinary powers that allow them to sense bad events or even illnesses, as well as vibrations we cannot feel, sounds we cannot hear, and things we cannot see.

black and white cat sitting
Photo from: @francescaraggianti

Why are cats celebrated in February? While the exact answer isn’t known, there is some speculation. First of all, it might be connected to the fact that cats primarily mate in February. 

On the other hand, it could be because of the fact that February is the month of the Zodiac sign Aquarius which represents free and independent spirits, which perfectly describes cats. 

Finally, the thing that interests you the most might be why this event originates in Italy…

Italy is a beautiful and popular country, but it’s also famous for having over 2.5 million stray cats. Therefore, around this day, they organize different events to celebrate cats, in order to raise money for food and other necessities for stray kitties. 

Little by little, this “Cat Day” started to be celebrated in other countries around Europe, and I think it’s beautiful, because stray cats really do need our help.

a beautiful gray cat sits on the street with its head up
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Even though we cat parents know that “Cat Day” is every day when you have one, it’s still nice to celebrate this one special day dedicated to cats, especially because the purpose is to help the many stray and abandoned cats on the street. 

So, whether you live in Europe or not, it doesn’t matter – you can always celebrate this special day with your kitty and make a donation to a worthy cause. 

However, a vacation in Italy in February isn’t a bad idea either, so you can have the full experience!

a black cat is lying on the pavement
Photo from: @nosporrum

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