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Grateful Feline Rescued From The Harsh Streets Affectionately Does Adorable ‘Car Wash’ Routine

Grateful Feline Rescued From The Harsh Streets Affectionately Does Adorable ‘Car Wash’ Routine

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Gus, the orange tabby cat with crinkled ears, didn’t always look so happy lounging on the radiator. 

He had a tough life on the streets, having to find food and face challenges all by himself. Luckily, Ruthie Weatherly, who helps out at Urban Cat Coalition, was out doing a trap-neuter-return project when she saw Gus. 

very beautiful cat
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Ruthie knew Gus needed help, so she got in touch with her friend Julie Krawczyk, and that’s when Gus’s journey to a better life started.

Julie opened her home to this poor cat, ready to give him the care he needed. She noticed his injuries, breathing problems, upset stomach, and dirty ears. 

sweet ginger cat
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Gus had scars from his time on the streets and a constant cough. Julie jokingly called him “disaster cake.” He was scared and hid in a dark corner, but Julie was patient and kind. She let him sniff her hand, slowly building trust between them.

Gus was unsure at first, but then something amazing happened. He let Julie scratch his head and leaned into her touch. It was a big step for him. 

cat with injured paw
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Then, in a sign of complete trust, he even let her rub his belly. This was a big deal because it showed that Gus really wanted love and was ready to accept it. 

After that, something special started happening. Every time Julie petted him, Gus’s eyes would light up and his face would relax. 

He would even press his cheeks against Julie’s hand like he was giving her a “car wash.” It was his way of showing how grateful and happy he was.

Even at the vet’s office, he showed great bravery. He remained calm during X-rays and other tests. While waiting for his results, he completely relaxed, even happily drooling and snoring away.

sweet cat in a vet station
Source: Facebook

However, there’s more to Gus. He has a special way of showing his love for Julie. Whenever she comes home, he hides in his cubby at first. But after a few pets and scratches, he comes out all happy and ready for some cuddles. 

Life in foster care has been good to him. He enjoys his meals, especially the wet food, and loves the cozy life he has now.

adorable cat with adorable fur
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He isn’t very active, he prefers to relax on the radiator or look out the window. But what he loves the most is getting attention and showing his love by giving car washes for more head scratches.

Now, thanks to the hard work of Urban Cat Coalition and the caring foster family, Gus is doing really well. 

cute cat laying on a owner
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Even though he had some health problems before, he’s still full of energy. He’s like a chubby, happy little guy who’s happy with a safe place to stay, food, and all the love he could ever want. 

He is now waiting for his forever home, where he can keep getting all the love he needs and share his sweet, playful personality.

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