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Boss Puts A Cat As Employee Of The Month And His Coworkers Are Not Happy

Boss Puts A Cat As Employee Of The Month And His Coworkers Are Not Happy

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The employees of Shoppers Hardware have a unique and amusing way of coping with their daily work routine.

They love to swap tales about one particular coworker who somehow manages to steal the boss’s spotlight, despite not putting in much effort at the shop. Ever met a character like that?

You might be wondering who this mysterious coworker is. Well, hold on to your hats, folks, because the big reveal is that this coworker is none other than a cat!

portrait of a cat with a lamp on its head
Source: @shopperstv

The employees have quite the sense of humor about their work situation. They can’t resist gossiping about this “lazy coworker” who, for some mysterious reason, has become the boss’s favorite.

It all starts with a video shared by one of the workers, who initially complains about this seemingly “lazy coworker.” 

The worker playfully mocks her colleagues, impersonating them by saying things like, “Oh, Daniel, he’s so handsome. Oh, he’s so funny.” 

cat with pink stickers
Source: @shopperstv

Others chime in, showering Daniel with praise as if he’s the star of a hit TV show. 

“I really like Dan. He’s very cute. He helps me make the shifts go by quicker.” 

Then there’s Lauren, who hilariously claims to be Daniel’s rival, suggesting that everyone was initially smitten with him but that the allure faded rather quickly.

“Everybody seemed really drawn to him quickly. It took only a couple weeks for that to sort of…change.”

the cat is lying on the table
Source: The Dodo

She even acts as if Daniel was supposed to handle the price updates for the shop. It’s all quite comical!

To top it all off, their boss decides to crown Daniel as “employee of the month,” which naturally gets the employees all worked up. 

Their acting skills are top-notch! When I first stumbled upon this video, I had no clue it was about a cat.

As time passes, the coworkers’ fondness for Daniel starts to dwindle, but Lauren changes into his steadfast companion. They’ve captured the whole ordeal in a reality TV style, and it’s a must-see!

the cat is lying on the armchair in the store
Source: The Dodo

It wasn’t until I realized they were discussing a cat and that it was all a joke that my mind was blown. Haha, what a clever twist!

People flock to Shoppers Hardware not only for their hardware needs but also for a chance to catch a glimpse of Daniel, the charming cat with a tie, casually lounging around the shop. 

It’s a fantastic way to provide a home for a homeless cat and add heaps of joy and stress relief to the employees.

So, what did you think when you watched the video? Did you immediately figure out it was about a cat, or were you left wondering why it popped up on your favorite cat website?

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