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Cat Falls For The Neighbor’s Cat And Her Owner Spots A Message In The Window

Cat Falls For The Neighbor’s Cat And Her Owner Spots A Message In The Window

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The story of Theo and Simon is about love blossoming unexpectedly, just like those moments when you meet someone special in the most surprising of places.

It all started when Mackenzie, Simon’s owner, saw a strange sign through the window.

Simon, the orange feline, was absolutely captivated by something outside, and Mackenzie couldn’t help but be curious about what had seized her kitty’s attention.

two cats on windows
Source: Twitter

As it turned out, Simon was smitten with a fluffy cat residing across the street. Mackenzie found this endearing and decided to share it on Twitter. She posted:

“My cat Simon is in LOVE with my neighbor’s cat and waits all day for him. Will keep y’all updated.”

People from all around the globe fell in love with Simon’s story of affection, even though the other cat didn’t appear to reciprocate the sentiment.

ginger cat stalking other cat
Source: Twitter

Wanting to assist Simon in his quest for love, Mackenzie posted a sign on her window inquiring about the other cat’s name. 

When Theo’s owner spotted the sign, she was taken aback. The sign simply read:

“What is your cat’s name? Love, Simon.”

pink paper with letters
Source: Twitter

In response, Theo’s owner put up another sign that said:

“Hi Simon, I’m Theo. You’re my best friend.”

How heart-melting is that?

white paper with letters
Source: Twitter

Simon and Theo, or rather their owners, began chatting through their windows and even on Twitter. Everyone adored hearing about their budding friendship. 

woman with cat in bag
Source: Twitter

When Simon informed Theo that they had become internet sensations, things got even more exciting. Another Twitter post and these two furry pals were on their way to becoming lifelong friends.

“Theo, we went viral on Twitter.”

two cats playing together
Source: Twitter

Finally, they had the chance to meet face-to-face, and despite a few “cat disagreements,” they hit it off. As Mackenzie reported:

“Simon is following Theo around like a puppy… We think it went as well as it can with cats! Only a couple of hisses, and no fights.”

two women and two cats
Source: Twitter

Their adorable story brought joy to people everywhere. Even when a third cat made an appearance, Simon playfully dubbed it “Alvin,” making them the trio of chipmunks, which had everyone chuckling.

Theo and Simon’s owners also forged a friendship, all thanks to their furry companions. As their story unfolds, everyone eagerly anticipates more adventures and updates.

It serves as a beautiful reminder that love can appear in the most unexpected ways and bring happiness to everyone involved.

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