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Stray Calico Cat Fostered By A Loving Family Finds Her Long-Lost Brother In Their Home

Stray Calico Cat Fostered By A Loving Family Finds Her Long-Lost Brother In Their Home

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Meet Lottie (Charlotte), a cat who came to the right home and people for food and ended up being adopted by an amazing couple. 

But the journey that led to this happy ending was filled with surprises. Let’s dive into the full story!

Allison Ilcken, a foster parent for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue in Florida, noticed a cat roaming outside her home looking for food. Both Allison and her family are great cat lovers, so they started leaving out food for the little kitty.

close-up photo of the cat named Lottie
Credit: @ilckenzoo

The cat would return around 4-5 every evening, which was a positive sign. Allison said:

“I noticed her on the porch for three days. She disappeared for a week or two and then reappeared.”

photo of the cat sitting next to blue bowl of food
Credit: @ilckenzoo

Soon, it became clear that the cat was all alone since no one in the area came to claim her. So, they set a humane trap and brought the cat to safety.

At first, the poor cat was terrified; she was hissing and swatting out of fear. Fortunately, Allison knew how to handle the situation. She provided the cat with a quiet room, and plenty of treats, and the kitty soon began to change.

cat lying on a pink blanket and female hand petting it
Credit: @ilckenzoo

Initially, she would bury her face under a blanket, but she gradually started enjoying back rubs. Step by step, she learned to enjoy chin scratches while holding her head up. Allison explained:

“It took a solid week to notice her feeling slightly comfortable, but the real change came after she was spayed. She suddenly became remarkably lovely.”

photo of Lottie lying down
Credit: @ilckenzoo

Slowly but surely, Lottie learned to trust Allison and her family. However, as time went by, Allison noticed something interesting.

Lottie’s age and coat type reminded them of a previous foster kitten, named Berlioz, who was rescued from the same neighborhood about six months earlier.

close-up photo of a black cat
Credit: @ilckenzoo

Similar to Lottie, Berlioz was also terrified upon arrival. But, little by little, he became a lovely cat who found a perfect home. Allison said:

“We suspected that this sweet girl might be Berlioz’s sister. She is the same size with the same fluff.”

scared cat Lottie lying down
Credit: @ilckenzoo

After taking Lottie for an examination, the vet confirmed her age and the fact that Lottie and Berlioz were 99.9% siblings.

When Berlioz’s human parents heard about Lottie, his long-lost sister, they decided to adopt her too, so that the siblings could be reunited.

cat lying down on a carpet
Credit: @ilckenzoo

The couple renamed her Bellatrix and provided her with a loving home. Bellatrix needed some time to adjust to her new life. Initially, she was nervous and spent the first few days in her secure cave bed. 

But after just a few days, Bellatrix started interacting with her new parents, enjoying their affection and attention. 

Now, you’re probably wondering, what about her and Berlioz?

photo of sibling cats playing
Credit: @ilckenzoo

At first, Berlioz, now called Professor, was a bit hesitant, not knowing how to handle her friendly enthusiasm. However, Bellatrix’s persistence paid off, and they gradually found a way to get along. Allison said:

“He relearned to play with her and now, they are inseparable. He is truly happy to be with his sister.”

Professor and Bellatrix sitting on the bed and looking up
Credit: @ilckenzoo

Now, the brother and sister have become a perfect duo, doing everything together. They zoom around the house, play with each other, and at the end of the day, they snuggle up together and shower each other with love.

After a few months, Bellatrix and Professor are finally together, but none of this would have happened if it weren’t for Allison and this couple who decided to adopt Professor’s sister after hearing her story!

two cats sitting on a grey blanket
Credit: @ilckenzoo

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