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Garbage Sorting Worker Shocked To Discover A Cat Sealed In One Of The Trash Bags

Garbage Sorting Worker Shocked To Discover A Cat Sealed In One Of The Trash Bags

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I believe that this day was just like any other for you and me, and so it was for these garbage sorting workers. But, at the same time, one poor kitty was facing the worst ending imaginable. 

That is, if it wasn’t for this guy! 

Just take a look at how the worker in the middle, on the right side of the lane, finds and rescues this poor cat that would otherwise be doomed.

I can imagine the things these workers see every day, but I bet they didn’t think they would find a live cat one day. I can only imagine the things they go through every day, but a live cat? 

How cruel do you have to be to seal a cat in a bag and throw it in a dumpster? Horrible! Just horrible! I can’t even get my mind around it. 

What Happened With The Cat Afterwards?

The cat became a local celebrity; he was all over social media, which led to him being adopted by the Illinois region environment ministry. The cat was also unofficially given the position of deputy environment minister. Lol! 

The deputy for wildlife protection took the cat in to live in their department, where all the workers would take care of him. And that’s exactly what happened. The cat is now living in a safe, healthy home.

The environment ministry also awarded the waste processing worker and his director with letters of appreciation.

worker who saved the cat from the accident
Credit: YouTube

Mikhail Tukash, the garbage plant worker, says that they found the cat by accident:

“Finding the cat happened by accident. We must slash every bag to see if there is metal inside; we collect metal. So, it happened by accident.”

It was a miracle they saved the cat! 

The cat is now healthy, safe, and – most importantly – happy! The ministry shares pictures of the cat napping in the office armchair and exploring his new home. 

cat resting in chair after being rescued
Credit: YouTube

I just hope that there won’t be incidents like this in the future. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if this patient worker did not find and rescue this frightened cat!

It’s always nice to remember beautiful acts of kindness, and to remind ourselves how little effort it takes to make this world a better place! 

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