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Cat Found Under Deck With Kittens Spends 300 Days At Shelter Until She Finds Her Forever Human

Cat Found Under Deck With Kittens Spends 300 Days At Shelter Until She Finds Her Forever Human

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While adult and senior shelter cats are often overlooked, some are lucky enough to find their forever homes, just like this sweet tortie cat, named Muffy.

However, Muffy’s journey was far from easy. She was found under the deck with her kittens and spent 300 days at the shelter until she found her perfect match.

big black cat
Credit: Sandy Howden

Muffy’s journey to a forever home began when a Good Samaritan found her under a deck nursing her three black kittens. To the finder’s surprise, Muffy was extremely friendly, begging for a new chance in life.

The finder informed an animal shelter about the cat’s situation, who instantly embarked on a rescue mission. 

mama cat with kittens
Credit: Sandy Howden

Upon their arrival, Muffy stretched on the floor and sought cuddles, signaling the rescuers that this would be a smooth mission.

The rescuers gently scooped the cat and her babies, hoping to give them a chance for a better life.

black kittens in basket
Credit: Sandy Howden

Muffy quickly adjusted to her new surroundings. She enjoyed her comfy bed and plenty of food, without having to worry about her kittens’ safety. Instead, she finally got the chance to fully commit to the kittens’ care.

With the shelter’s help, Muffy raised her three kittens, Floof, Fozz, and Fluff perfectly, who quickly found their forever homes. 

black cat
Credit: Sandy Howden

After receiving the necessary treatments, Muffy was also put up for adoption, but sadly, finding her new home proved challenging. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, but Muffy patiently waited for her new and happy life.

Finally, when two potential adopters visited, Muffy displayed her classic tortitude, as if sensing they weren’t the right fit.

black cat playing
Credit: Sandy Howden

After missing these opportunities, Muffy continued her long wait at the shelter, spending a total of 300 days before the right person came along.

The shelter decided to give her another chance and posted her information online. That’s when a man named Mark stepped in.

cat at home
Credit: Sandy Howden

He arrived at the shelter to meet Muffy, but she greeted him with her tortitude just like previous potential adopters. However, Mark didn’t mind. He instantly fell in love with Muffy and knew they would get along perfectly. 

After 300 days of living at the shelter, Muffy finally went to a new loving home. She quickly adjusted to her new surroundings and started enjoying all the love and care, realizing that Mark was truly her perfect match.

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