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Helpless Cat Desperately Begs For Help Only To Get Shooed Away

Helpless Cat Desperately Begs For Help Only To Get Shooed Away

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While some stray cats are wary of people, others are so desperate that they have no choice but to seek help from them.

Such was the case of this adorable gray feline named Ladybug, who was often considered ‘too ugly to be loved’.

cat on red blanket
Credit: YouTube

After enduring a lifetime of loneliness and hardship, Ladybug reached her breaking point and decided to seek human assistance. She longed for someone to notice and help her but was repeatedly ignored.

Every time someone would come out of the nearby buildings, she would approach only to be shooed away. However, despite the constant rejections, she never gave up or lost faith in humanity. 

cat with swollen nose
Credit: YouTube

After many failures, a fortune smiled upon her when she crossed paths with two kind-hearted girls who refused to turn a blind eye to her. 

Though Ladybug had finally found help, her condition was dire. She was emaciated and dirty, with a swollen, ulcerated nose and a leg injury. 

Recognizing the severity of her state, a compassionate woman took her to the vet for professional care. Sadly, the results raised suspicions of a malignant condition, and surgery was necessary.

injured cat
Credit: YouTube

On the bright side, Ladybug proved to be a fighter with a resilient spirit. She underwent surgery and came out as a winner. Though she had a long journey to recovery, her overall condition showed significant improvement.

Later on, she underwent deworming and received other necessary medications to boost her health. Despite showing rapid improvements, Ladybug remained under close veterinary supervision.

man helping cat
Credit: YouTube

Further results were positive, showing all her internal organs were functioning normally. However, her white blood cell count was extremely high, possibly due to an ongoing infection.

While she was tested negative for infectious diseases, the biopsy results confirmed the presence of Cryptococcosis, a fungal infection likely contracted from pigeon droppings. 

Undeterred, the veterinary team continued their dedicated care, administering antifungal treatments and providing round-the-clock care.

cat with nose wound
Credit: YouTube

Slowly, but surely, Ladybug’s appetite increased, and she began showing more interest in her surroundings as well as her caretakers. 

Not only did her health improve significantly, but her overall appearance also started to shine through, along with her lovely personality.

cat lying on carpet
Credit: YouTube

Finally, after everything she had been through in life, Ladybug found a person who didn’t push her away but instead welcomed her into her home with open arms. 

Now, Ladybug is one happy and healthy kitty, all thanks to the kind-hearted people who supported her throughout her journey, especially the woman who decided to adopt her and give her the life she always deserved. 

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