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Family Heartbroken Not Knowing If Their Cat Is Alive After A Camp Fire In California

Family Heartbroken Not Knowing If Their Cat Is Alive After A Camp Fire In California

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Disasters can strike so fast, leaving people with no time to react or plan. This became painfully clear when the Camp Fire devastated communities in Northern California, leaving thousands of families with almost nothing.

Despite evacuating to safety, many families didn’t have enough time to get their pets, unsure if they’d ever be reunited. 

alive cat at home
Credit: Courtney Werblow

Animals have strong senses which allow them to recognize danger or a disaster coming. Most of them instinctively hide to save their lives, making them difficult to find during chaotic evacuations.

Such was the case for the Werblow family, who lost their home to the Camp Fire. But sadly, the home wasn’t the only thing they lost. 

Amid the chaos, Courtney Werblow searched desperately for their beloved cat, Timber, but she was nowhere to be found.

As the evacuation orders came, the family had to leave without their cherished pet, unsure if they’d ever see her again.

wood after fire
Credit: YouTube

After a long month of living in anguish, not knowing if Timber had survived, Werblows finally returned to their former home.

All that remained was a landscape of ashes and memories. The scene was heartbreaking, and the absence of Timber made it even worse.

Heartbroken, the family stood and observed the site, when something emerged from the bushes.

One of the saddest days for the Werblow family turned out to be their happiest. Their beloved cat Timber emerged from the bushes in the woods.

cat walks in the wood after fire
Credit: YouTube

At first, Timber seemed unsure if the people in front of her were her family. But after recognizing Courtney’s voice, she rushed into their arms, overjoyed to be reunited.

The whole family was overjoyed after seeing Timber was alive and in the same place where they last saw her. 

Timber safely escaped the Camp Fire, but what was truly miraculous was that she survived alone for an entire month, hiding in the woods near the remnants of their home.

The Werblow family even managed to capture their heartwarming reunion. While they had lost so much to the fire, finding Timber brought them comfort and reminded them that not all was lost.

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