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Hero Cat Guides A Lost Hiker Down A Mountain And Saves His Life

Hero Cat Guides A Lost Hiker Down A Mountain And Saves His Life

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There are so many incredible cat stories out there, but I’ve never heard one quite like this. This cat and her heroic spirit saved a lost hiker’s life!

This Reddit user embarked on a hiking adventure on a beautiful day in the mountains. While enjoying the view, he became so absorbed that he realized he had lost his way.

He didn’t know which direction his hostel was, and he was all alone. Fortunately, a kitty appeared in front of him and showed him the way!

cat sitting near mountain
Source: Reddit

Guiding him down the mountain, she glanced back at him throughout the journey. Scroll down to see the video of their little escapade!

cat standing on mountain near house
Source: Reddit

Meet Gimmelwald’s unofficial mountain guide.

hiker petting the cat
Source: Reddit

The lost hiker was safely led back. Though he had gotten lost on the hiking adventure, this beautiful feline appeared and saved the day.

cat sitting on moutain top
Source: Reddit

Once they descended the mountain and reached a clear path, the cat continued on her way. She is truly one-of-a-kind. The hiker even shared a video of this heroic cat and her rescue mission:

This kitty is truly amazing, and I believe the hiker will forever be grateful for her assistance!

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