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Adopted Stray Cat Surprises New Owners With His Unusual Sitting Habits

Adopted Stray Cat Surprises New Owners With His Unusual Sitting Habits

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Recently, I found a one-of-a-kind cat online, and his photo grabbed my attention instantly! 

Rather than lying around like most cats, Wilbur likes to pull his back legs forward, almost sitting like a human. Sara, Wilbur’s owner, told The Huffington Post:

“Wilbur actually doesn’t sit like that all the time, but he does sometimes.”

confused cat
Source: Instagram

But that’s not all! Wilbur isn’t just any lazy cat. Far from it, this little adventurer loves playing fetch. In fact, if you squint, you might mistake him for a dog as he chases after wine corks.

“He loves wine corks, it’s all he’ll play with all day. He brings it back and everything.”

strange cat sitting
Source: Instagram

Wilbur’s life wasn’t always about being a spoiled indoor cat with an unusual way of sitting. He used to be a stray, navigating the tough streets of New York City, dreaming of finding a forever home. 

That’s when his fortune turned and Emma Roth, the founder of the Bradford TNR Organization, stepped in to save the day! It was a lucky break, indeed. 

strange cat
Source: Instagram

Emma’s group focuses on assisting stray cats throughout the Big Apple. Spotting Wilbur’s friendly demeanor, she thought he might belong to someone. 

So, she snapped a picture, shared it on a New York City Subreddit, and inquired if anyone was missing their furry friend.

fat cat
Source: Instagram

That’s the moment Grant, Sara’s boyfriend, saw Wilbur’s photo and left a comment:

“Hey, if you can’t find the owner, I might be willing to take him.”

cat sitting in a unusual way
Source: Instagram

Sara explains that she and Grant had been wanting a cat for ages, and just days before stumbling upon Wilbur’s photo online, they spotted a mouse in their apartment. That was the last straw – they decided it was time to get a cat! 

Fortunately for Wilbur, that mouse incident motivated Sara and Grant to finally adopt a pet cat, so they reached out to Emma and started the adoption process. Just look at him; even when he’s lying down, it’s completely hilarious.

strange cat sitting on a cat toys
Source: Instagram

After a complete vet check-up, all the essential vaccinations, and being neutered, Wilbur was all set for his new life in his forever home. Imagine waking up to find this little gentleman sitting on your bed.

cute gray cat sitting down
Source: Instagram

Saying goodbye wasn’t easy for Emma, as parting with any of the rescue cats she encounters in her work is always tough. 

But that’s the nature of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and animal rescue organizations – their goal is to aid cats and other animals in need. 

Emma’s mission, though, extends even further; she aims to encourage others, proving that they, too, can make a positive impact. She explains:

“People are always saying, ‘I wish somebody would help that poor animal’ when they see them living on the streets or in need of rescue. I want to show people my age that they can be that somebody.”

Emma is all about action and takes every chance she gets to raise awareness and encourage others to assist animals in need however possible:

“If there were more people active in TNR in every community, we could dramatically reduce the number of animals born on the streets.” 

confused cat sitting
Source: Instagram

But let’s return to Wilbur… Sara and Grant are over the moon with their unique little furball. 

They snapped pictures of him in his odd sitting pose and posted them online. Before they knew it, Wilbur’s unique way of sitting became an internet sensation, gathering tons of likes and comments. 

Seriously, have you ever seen a cat sit like that? It’s absolutely paw-some!

sick cat sitting
Source: Instagram

The best part is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Wilbur’s sitting habit; he’s in perfect health. Even better, he brings a smile to his paw-rents’ faces every single day – and to millions of people online, too! 

To stay updated on Wilbur and his adventures, be sure to follow his Instagram profile.

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