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This Cat Allegedly Has The Deepest Meow But Not Many People Online Are Buying It

This Cat Allegedly Has The Deepest Meow But Not Many People Online Are Buying It

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The other day, my cat Mikey suddenly woke up, jumped up from the couch, and yelled! I’m telling you he yelled. That wasn’t an innocent meow, it was like a human yell combined with a meow.

My whole family remembers this moment because it was the weirdest sound a cat has ever made in our house and the weirdest sound I thought I would ever hear from a cat. That is, until the moment I heard this one…

Meet Jack, the cat that apparently has the deepest meow you’ll ever hear. Netizens from all over refer to Jack as the Barry White or Morgan Freeman of the cat world. Check it out!

This black and white cat has amused many people with his deep meows, but there were also many people who raised some questions about the cat’s health or wondered if the cat’s meows were actually fake.

There were people who asked whether Jack was okay and if he had some sort of health issues associated with his deep voice. I can understand this because even though most people find the cat funny, there were some who got worried as well.

A person by the nickname Snailien wrote:

“To anyone who believes this is actually Jack’s ‘real voice’, it’s really obvious “Jack’s” voice is coming from behind the camera. The sounds do not add up to where Jack is located.”

Then another person called I am Me says:

“I hope you all realize that all these videos of Jack have been proven to be 100% fake. The cat’s condition makes its voice more raspy, not deeper. Vets have watched this video and proved it impossible.”

And then Missigno commented with what I believe everyone thinks: 

“haha still sounds fake but I’ll keep checking for new videos of Jack meowing” 

There are a lot of funny comments, as well. A person by the nickname Something Something wrote: 

“I don’t think anyone was prepared for this cat meow no matter how they imagined it to be before clicking on this video”

Budwig Van Leethoven wrote: 

“Imagine turning off the light and going into bed only to hear a deep voice near you say “Woah”

Chris wrote: 

“some people speak in cursive, some people speak in italics, this cat speaks in bold” LOL, this one cracked me up!

To me, Jack also sounded weird at first. I mean, he looks okay, but I have never heard a cat meow this deep. 

Jack’s owner claims that his vet diagnosed Jack with some sort of laryngeal paralysis. However, a cat with laryngeal paralysis wouldn’t have a deeper voice; it might display a coarse or raspy voice, but not a deep one. 

The following video demonstrates what a cat suffering from laryngeal paralysis sounds like. 

This cat sounds sad, and her meows are weak or perhaps even squeaky, not deep. 

Anywho, I was also amused by Jack, and I only wish he was healthy and happy, no matter what his meows sound like. 

The only thing that’s important is the cat’s health and well-being, and if Jack’s owner has had him examined by the vet and everything is fine, who are we to judge?

Laryngeal paralysis usually causes harsh meows, but who knows, maybe there’s a new form of it that we don’t yet know about. Or maybe Jack’s owner mistakenly put this condition as an explanation for Jack’s deep meows.

However, I might have a different theory here, which might make you mad…

If you dig around a bit, you’ll find that Jack’s owner posted only four videos with Jack and that’s it. To me, it is clear that the meows are actually fake. 

Just listen to this:

You may not believe it, but I believe that this is fake, and apparently, many people share my opinion. 

Mathcats comments: “I thought the first video sounded fake, but this is ridiculous” 

Perhaps it doesn’t matter whether or not Jack’s meows are real, what’s important is that the cat is healthy and that we all got a good chuckle from his owner’s funny idea!

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