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Cat Hit By A Car And Severely Injured Stuns Everyone With His Remarkable Will To Survive

Cat Hit By A Car And Severely Injured Stuns Everyone With His Remarkable Will To Survive

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Sadly, most cats involved in car accidents don’t survive. Miraculously enough, this tabby feline survived despite getting severe injuries after being hit by a car.

One day, this cat showed up at a cat colony in the Flatbush, Brooklyn area, where rescuers do TNR (trap, neuter, release).

After seeing the cat, the Flatbush Cats rescuers from Brooklyn suspected he’d been hit by a car, and it was clear that he needed urgent help. So, they made the compassionate choice to step in.

Jules, as they named him, was severely injured, but his spirit remained strong and unbroken. 

But, how did he remain so positive after going through so much? Here’s his story!

Jules Kept Purring Despite Severe Injuries

veterinarian examining cat
Credit: flatbushcats

Cats are usually frightened and traumatized after enduring any kind of trauma, but not Jules. He just kept purring and giving love to his rescuers, as though he knew they were there to help.

Jules had sustained severe injuries, including a deep abrasion on the right side of his face, an abscess in his mouth, an injured right eye, and signs of internal injuries. He was also starving and dehydrated, and his rescuers wasted no time in helping him. 

A veterinary examination revealed that he was FeLV positive (Feline Leukemia Virus). However, Jules didn’t seem to care about that; he just wanted to give and receive love. The rescuers shared:

“Cats with FeLV can live normal, happy, and healthy lives; they just have a shorter average life expectancy than FeLV-negative cats. Jules had more blood drawn for an advanced RealPCR FeLV test, which will tell us what stage his FeLV is at. On the plus side: he doesn’t know about any of this, never will, and is happily relaxing and purring loudly.”

injured cat being cuddled
Credit: flatbushcats

No one could understand how happy and loving Jules was while being in such a bad condition. However, the rescue team and the vets never gave up on him and did their best to help. They shared:

“After visiting two vets, we can confirm this cat was hit by a car and dragged, causing a deep abrasion that scraped the skin off part of his face. X-ray shows he was hit so hard that he has a hairline skull fracture.”

They provided Jules with necessary medications, such as pain medication and ointment for his eye, and kept monitoring his condition, making sure he got better.

He quickly won everyone over with his sweet purrsonality, especially after gently asking for head scratches.

Knowing that Jules was in good hands, the rescuers decided to focus on donations to cover his expensive recovery and to ensure he received the life he deserved. They noted:

“We love him dearly, and know you do too, and we’ll make sure he is as comfortable as possible while he recovers.”

Jules On The Road To His Recovery

cat eats from plate
Credit: flatbushcats

On his journey to recovery, Jules displayed remarkable determination and didn’t let anything stop him. His appetite increased, which was a promising sign. 

The poor feline probably starved for a long time on the street so that, once he arrived at the rescue center, he never turned down food. His rescuers said:

“Jules was also dehydrated and underweight. He’s catching up on lots of missed meals now, and won’t let a facial injury slow down his enjoyment of meat tube treats! Jules will never have to worry about food again, but it will take some time before he understands that – food insecurity is a common challenge for former street cats.”

Thanks to the professional care and attention provided by his rescuers, Jules made steady progress.

Over a couple of months, his wounds healed, and he transformed into a new cat.

cat with wounds
Credit: flatbushcats

Every day, Jules was getting stronger and friendlier, but he also turned out to be a great food lover. His appetite remained ravenous, and he was always ready to eat.

“We love a high appetite king! That’s one of the best signals we have that cats like Jules are feeling a little better. Low appetites could be a signal that a cat is stressed or dealing with an underlying medical issue (or maybe they prefer a different flavor.”

Once Jules was ready for adoption, the rescuers needed to take pictures of him. However, that seemed like a mission impawsibble, as he rarely holds still for too long. 

But, when he does, he stands with such charisma. The rescuers discovered an adorable reason for his impatience:

“Jules is hard to photograph because when you get close, he stands up – hoping for attention and skritches. As the tissue on the right side of his face heals, and fur grows back in, the muscles above his lip have tightened up slightly into a charming snarl. His unconditional love and optimism is contagious – soon Jules will be someone else’s reason to smile.”

From A Survivor To The Happy Kitty With A Forever Home

injured cat
Credit: flatbushcats

Life is full of surprises, don’t you agree? I mean, just look at Jules and his touching story. 

He was hit by a car, but thanks to the people who saved him and donated for his recovery, he got a second chance at life.

In the middle of the summer, a loving family came across Jules and instantly fell in love with him, and I think they couldn’t get a better addition to their family.

Everyone was so happy for Jules! He had been wandering the streets for so long, even surviving a car accident, but luckily, he then got a new chance and a fur-ever home.

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