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The Reason Why This Cat Refuses To Leave His Owner’s Side Will Break Your Heart

The Reason Why This Cat Refuses To Leave His Owner’s Side Will Break Your Heart

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When your loved ones are going through tough times, you do whatever it takes to support them. That’s exactly what happened to Kelly Nugent when she made the journey from sunny Florida to the bustling streets of New York City.

Her mission was clear: to provide her father with the care and companionship he needed during a challenging battle with bone marrow cancer. 

However, she didn’t come alone – Kelly had a furry friend Sweet Potato by her side, ready to lend a paw in any way possible.

cat sitting on grandpa's chest
Credit: TikTok

Kelly’s father’s health had taken a hit, making it difficult for him to manage everyday tasks. 

“He started having a lot of trouble getting around and doing things. He very much needed 24-hour care while he was recuperating. I knew I just had to be there with my dad since he’s my best buddy.”

Sweet Potato enters the scene as a charismatic 2-year-old cat who may not have undergone official “therapy animal” training, but he swiftly demonstrated his ability to provide assistance and comfort.

cat lying in grandpa's lap
Credit: TikTok

Kelly lovingly refers to Sweet Potato as the cutest cat on the planet:

“He just adores everyone and longs to be in the company of others. He’s got a dog’s personality.”

While Kelly’s father had always been more of a dog person, Sweet Potato won him over in no time. As Kelly recalls:

“As soon as we got there and Sweet Potato acclimated, he became a madman for my dad. He would not leave his side.”

photo of cat sitting with grandpa
Credit: TikTok

Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, and it was a heartwarming sight to behold.

“It’s just the sweetest thing you could ever see because I know Sweet Potato can sense something’s wrong and that he’s needed. So he kind of just stepped up to the plate and was like ‘This is my job now. I’m gonna help heal you.’ It’s like he knew.”

grandpa holding a cat
Credit: TikTok

From snuggling in the recliner to keeping Kelly’s father company during his online work, Sweet Potato was always there, providing comfort and, occasionally, unintentional keyboard assistance.

He even slept with the man, and whenever Kelly’s father sat down to work or simply relax, Sweet Potato would hop onto his lap.

man and cat sitting on couch
Credit: TikTok

Kelly began documenting these heartwarming moments and sharing them on TikTok, where the response from viewers was overwhelmingly positive. Reading all those supportive comments must have been a real boost for her dad. 

“It was very nice to him when I read him all the comments, that so many strange people were pulling for him.”

But perhaps the most endearing part of it all was the running joke about Kelly’s dad and Sweet Potato looking like twins. 

“The fact that so many people remark they look alike is my favorite aspect. My dad has a white mustache, and Sweet Potato has a white mustache… and it makes us giggle so hard.”

@french75vintage Prayers for dad 🙏🏻 #dadsoftiktok #catsoftiktok ♬ Let It Be – 2021 Mix – The Beatles

As Kelly’s father, or should we say, Sweet Potato’s grandpa, began to recover and regain his health, Kelly couldn’t help but appreciate the presence of her beloved feline companion. Sweet Potato had played a significant role in Grandpa’s recovery.

“I honestly believe Sweet Potato’s emotional support, cuddling, and just being there – it’s had a significant influence on him.”

Pets have a remarkable impact on our lives, particularly during challenging times. Cats, in particular, have an uncanny ability to sense when their owners are unwell, and their presence contributes significantly to our overall well-being. 

As I often say, having a cat nearby is always effective and uplifting.

cat sitting next to a man in an office chair
Credit: TikTok

In a time of sickness and uncertainty, Kelly and her dad found joy and comfort in the company of their feline friend, Sweet Potato. 

He has proved to be a great pet and his love and presence brought comfort into their lives. Unfortunately, after months of battle and hope that the recovery will be a success, Kelly’s dad passed away.


💔 12.2.21 Tato and I will forever miss you dad.

♬ Yesterday – Remastered 2015 – The Beatles

Kelly shared an update on how much Sweet Potato and she miss him. She can’t even describe it. However, she is certain that Tato helped him remain positive through the entire process.

“He remained positive the entire time. Tato and I miss him more than I can put into words.”

She then proceeds to say what an amazing man, golfer, grandpa, dad, and best friend he has been. Since he passed, Tato has been attached to her hip, he’s been giving her sister cuddles, and even watching the kids.

woman sitting on couch petting a cat
Credit: TikTok

“I’m happy I was able to bring dad and Tato together, but now my mom and dad can be together on the other side. And Tato and I have our own Guardian Angel. We love you dad💔”

man and cat lying on couch
Credit: TikTok

I hope you’ve found this heartwarming story touching, even though heartbreaking. I encourage you to share it with your friends, so we can always remember the incredible impact a pet cat can have, even in the most challenging times in our lives.

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