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Cat Found Stuck On A Texas Highway Overpass Embarks On A Heartwarming Journey Home

Cat Found Stuck On A Texas Highway Overpass Embarks On A Heartwarming Journey Home

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Cats are natural climbers, often seeking high spots to explore their surroundings. However, their love for heights can sometimes lead to unexpected adventures, as it did for one fearless feline in San Antonio, Texas.

One day, local Animal Care Services (ACS) received a call about a cat stuck on a ledge above a highway overpass. Upon arrival, the rescuers spotted this orange cat perched dangerously high and realized they had to act quickly but with great caution.

Describing their rescue mission, the shelter shared on its Facebook page:

“When they arrived, they found the cat lying on the edge of the overpass’s ledge and approached with extreme care so as not to spook the cat into jumping from his precarious position.”

cat stuck at highway
Credit: Facebook

However, this ginger cat, later named Bridges, was not too pleased with the rescuers approaching. He hissed loudly and gave them wary glares.

Yet, this devoted rescue team remained unfazed. Understanding his caution they respected his space and slowly approached, careful not to startle him. Through gentle movements and reassuring words, they gradually earned his trust.

female helping the cat
Credit: Facebook

Once he gained confidence in his rescuers, Bridges began to calm down. His body relaxed and he stopped hissing. Slowly but surely, they approached and lifted him to safety.

However, the adventure was far from over as Bridges needed urgent medical attention. Who knows how long this poor thing had been without food or water.

cat getting rescued
Credit: Facebook

Worried about his condition, the officers rushed him to the emergency vet, as ACS explained:

“Once safely secured, the officers transported stunt devil Bridges to Animal Emergency Room (AER) to get him thoroughly checked out, as they were unsure how long he had been without food or water up on that ledge.”

orange rescued cat
Credit: Facebook

Thankfully, apart from a respiratory infection, Bridges was okay. The team transported him to their shelter where he received the care and comfort he needed to fully recover.

They provided him with a hearty meal and a much-needed rest, sharing:

“Bridges was a bit ravenous when offered food and water and seems to have a bit of an upper respiratory infection… but otherwise appears to be in good health! He is now resting up and feeling more himself in our adoptable cat building.”

photo of man and woman with a cat
Credit: Facebook

While Bridges was recovering under their loving care, ACS staff received incredible news. It turned out Bridges wasn’t just any stray…

He was actually a missing cat named Oliver and his family had been desperately searching for him until someone told them about the shelter’s post on Bridges.

So they immediately rushed to the shelter and were overwhelmed with joy when Oliver responded to his name, a moment ACS shared in a heartwarming update:

“They quickly made their way to ACS and nearly erupted in tears when their sweet Olly greeted them when they called his name!”

cat lying in bed
Credit: Facebook

At last, Oliver reunited with his family and snuggled into the familiar warmth of their embrace as they headed home, where he truly belonged.

The shelter team couldn’t help but feel an incredible sense of fulfillment and happiness, knowing they had played a crucial part in bringing him home safely.

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