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Kitty Obsessed With The Stairs Goes Full Rolling Stone And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Kitty Obsessed With The Stairs Goes Full Rolling Stone And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

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My family used to have a cat named Missy, which was, and remains, the weirdest cat we’d ever had. She didn’t roll down the stairs like the cat in this story, but our cat would roll around on the ground like crazy. 

After we noticed her rolling around a bit too much, we took her to the vet. She rolled around at the clinic as well. Hahaha, luckily, she didn’t have any health problems, which is why we can laugh about it. 

She was just a bit weird! Our vet did a bunch of tests and everything was fine. Missy was just weird and special in her own way, and she kept rolling around for the majority of her everyday life. However, this cat seems even more special to me!

When I first saw this cat, I thought she was going to hurt herself! But, cats are just being cats, I guess. 

Meet Roly Posey, The Tumbling Cat

A lady named Belinda adopted Posey and her two siblings. She just decided that it was time to get a pet cat in her life, and after contacting the local rescue center she was “matched” with these three kitties. 

“I put in an application for three kittens. So, we ended up being matched with Posey, Echo, and Willa.”

Photo of Posey and his brothers
Credit: YouTube

When Belinda brought these cuties to their new home, they all went to explore the stairs. It’s like they never saw stairs before and were fascinated by them. 

the three cats on stairs
Credit: YouTube

All of them liked sitting on the stairs and running up and down. Belinda would also toss a lot of toys down the stairs and they would all play fetch. There was one toy that kept rolling down the stairs so Posey started rolling after it. 

Posey tumbling down the stairs
Credit: YouTube

“She found that she’d always get a reaction for it. So, she would start just doing it to entertain me.” 

photo of Posey the tumbling cat
Credit: YouTube

However, the other cats don’t do it. They just sit and stare at Posey wondering what kind of sorcery is this, haha. Posey was a rolling stone

Posey tumbling down the stairs next to his brother
Credit: YouTube

It’s like they’re judging her and thinking, “That is not how we use the stairs!” However, this rolling became Posey’s everyday habit and she doesn’t care that she’s the only one doing it.

Belinda likes all of her cats and enjoys seeing them develop their own personalities. She likes that Posey is expressing her true self, the same as the other cats with their own quirks. Belinda also explains how happy she is:

“It really makes me feel happy that Posey is able to express herself in this very odd way.”

Other than rolling down the stairs, Posey is just like any other feline. She likes to relax in the sun looking through the window.

photo of Posey the cat
Photo from: @rolyposey

Or sleep in her owner’s bed, covered with comfy blankets.

Posey snuggled up in a blanket
Photo from: @rolyposey

I bet this cat has the best of fun! It is amazing to me how Posey saw she was getting a reaction for her funny way of going down the stairs, so she continued doing so. She even has different ways of tumbling down.

It reminds me of how kids do similar things. For example, when we hear them cuss and we laugh, they’ll do it again. I know I did this to my nephews, they were just so cute, cussing in their baby voices, lol! 

Of course, I didn’t laugh to encourage that behavior, but kids interpret it in their own way and they want to make us adults laugh again. Similarly, this cat wanted to see her new hooman parent laugh again, so she kept rolling down the stairs. Adorable!

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