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This Tabby Cat Sleeps Alone In A Bathtub And The Reason Will Make You Cry

This Tabby Cat Sleeps Alone In A Bathtub And The Reason Will Make You Cry

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Every cat is unique, right? But have you ever seen a cat get sidelined by other cats just because it’s a bit different? I haven’t either.

Check out this heartwarming story that’s been making waves online! It’s all about Tommy, this adorable tabby cat dealing with some behavioral issues and sleeping alone in a bathtub.

photo of cat in a bathtub
Credit: Norliza Kamardin

So, Norliza Kamardin shared Tommy’s story, and it’s gone viral. According to Norliza, Tommy faces some social hurdles – he’s a little unlike the other kitties, and they don’t play with him. As she put it:

“Tommy is autistic and the other cats won’t play with him.”

Tommy had a rough start, spending his kitten days in a cage until Norliza came to the rescue. 

This poor guy is still working on his social skills, and the other cats find him a bit peculiar, leaving him to snooze all alone in that bathtub every night.

cat sitting in a bathtub
Credit: Norliza Kamardin

But wait, can cats even be autistic? Well, according to the CDC, there’s no solid scientific proof, but they can exhibit behaviors that resemble it.

Tommy’s choice to hunker down in that tub is likely his way of dealing with stress. 

Cats appreciate having their own space when things get overwhelming – they need a cozy hideaway. It’s like their chill-out zone!

cat named tommy sitting in a bathtub
Credit: Norliza Kamardin

Norliza shared with Newsweek that Tommy tends to be a bit jittery most of the time, but he’s adapting. People online are all rooting for Tommy, with some offering ideas to turn that bathtub into his ultimate safe haven.

I’m pretty confident Tommy will soon settle into his home and the loving care of his owner. 

So, don’t be surprised if he switches from the bathtub to Norliza’s bed in no time. Once he realizes he’s cherished and secure, it’s going to be a cozy bed for him.

Oh, by the way, do you have any cute photos or videos of your furry pals? Feel free to share them below! Let’s sprinkle some love and cuteness on this page! 

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