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Woman Reveals The Mystery Behind Her Cat’s Weird Shoe Collection

Woman Reveals The Mystery Behind Her Cat’s Weird Shoe Collection

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Now, here’s a story that doesn’t happen every day. Meet Jordan, a gorgeous black and white kitty, who has been bringing “gifts” to his owner, Bj Ross, for years. 

A snake here, a mouse there, Jordan has a habit of bringing these surprises to Bj Ross as a way of showing love, even though she may not particularly enjoy the offerings. Over time, it has become a routine for Jordan to present these gifts. 

However, a few months ago, Bj Ross noticed a peculiar change in Jordan’s routine. Instead of the usual animal presents, he began bringing an assortment of shoes to their yard. 

Initially, she didn’t think much of it and simply discarded the shoes after Jordan presented them…

Until, one day, she realized that Jordan kept bringing only shoes as his gifts. There were no more dead animals, only shoes…

Jordan has found himself a new hobby – collecting shoes around his neighborhood. He goes outside, wandering around looking for shoes left unattended. He brings home one or three shoes per night. 

Even if he can only carry one shoe at a time, he goes back and brings home another one if he sees it somewhere. 

“We’ve had probably about 80 shoes. Also, baseball mitts, squeaky toys, and a bathing suit.”

Bj Ross was so intrigued by his nightly escapades that she decided to equip him with a GPS tracker and an outdoor camera to investigate further. 

Thanks to this, Ross even has a video of Jordan caught in the act:

As the collection grew, Bj Ross created a Facebook group for Jordan, hoping that neighbors might recognize their missing items and reclaim them.

The Facebook group turned out to be a success, as they managed to reunite one owner with about six pairs of shoes. The woman was astounded that a cat had been the shoe thief all along.

If you live in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and have experienced a shoe disappearance, be sure to check out this Facebook group. Who knows, you might just find your missing pair of shoes there!

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